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EXO Times Square Billboard

How Much Did EXO-Ls Spend For Massive Times Square Billboards For EXO's Fifth Anniversary? Prepare To Be Blown Away!

Headlines 04.12.17 | 07:22AM EDT

EXO-Ls from around the world pooled their resources to spend $1-$4 million for massive EXO billboards on Times Sqaure for EXO's fifth anniversary

EXO Times Square Billboard

EXO-L Proclaims Their Love For EXO With Giant Times Square Billboards On Their 5th Anniversary

Headlines 04.04.17 | 03:10AM EDT

EXO-Ls show their love for EXO by showcasing them on Times Square billaboards on the event of their 5th anniversary, by far the most expensive gift any fandom has given their idols.

The Real Reason Behind EXO's Lay Absence In EXO PLANET EXO'rDIUM

The Real Reason Behind EXO's Lay Absence In EXO PLANET EXO'rDIUM

Hot Issues 03.09.17 | 07:27AM EST

EXO's Lay has just confirmed that he will not be present in the EXO PLANET EXO'rDIUM. The reasons as to why this is the case has been unveiled.

EXO Member Lay Shares Surprising Thoughts About Luhan's Sasaengs Song

EXO Member Lay Shares Surprising Thoughts About Luhan's Sasaengs Song

Hot Issues 03.06.17 | 07:47AM EST

Lay of EXO, who is also known as Zhang Yixing has just shared his own thought about the recently released song of Luhan.

MBC Every1 'EXO's Show-Time' Press Conference

EXO's Lay shows kindness without knowing he's on camera

Hot Issues 11.25.16 | 06:07PM EST

Lay, one of EXO's members, shows his kindness in a behind-the-scenes footage for "Lose Control."


EXO's Chanyeol Pokes Fun at Lay as He Hilariously Reacts to 'Lose Control' MV

Headlines 10.31.16 | 08:14PM EDT

In a Naver V live broadcast, EXO's Chanyeol pokes fun at fellow member Lay's recently released video for his single 'Lose Control'.

Lay 'Lose Control' MV

[Review] EXO Lay Solo Song 'Lose Control' MV

Reviews 10.31.16 | 03:42AM EDT

Review of EXO Lay's solo song 'Lose Control' and its music video.

EXO Lay 'Lose Control' Solo Song

EXO-Ls 'Lose Control' After SMTown Releases MV Teaser With Shirtless Lay

Headlines 10.26.16 | 12:56AM EDT

SM Entertainment has released the official music video teaser for EXO Lay's upcoming solo song "Lose Control". Lay will release his song "Lose Control" on October 28.

EXO Lay Easy Magazine July 2015 Photoshoot

EXO Lay's Upcoming Album Finally Has a Release Date + More Details on the Solo Album

Headlines 10.21.16 | 11:01PM EDT

SM Entertainment has finally confirmed the release date of EXO Lay's solo album.


EXO's Lay requests fans not to blame SM Entertainment, says fainting incident his fault

Trending News 10.21.16 | 01:27AM EDT

After the fainting incident at Incheon International Airport, EXO's Lay finally talks about what happened while respectfully asking the fans not to pin the blame on SM Entertainment.


EXO's Kai Says Lay Will Join Group in Japan, Dishes Out on Health

Headlines 10.13.16 | 05:30AM EDT

In his latest Naver V live broadcast, Kai discusses Lay's presence on their upcoming concert in Japan. He also gave the fans an update on his own health.

EXO Lay fainted at airport

Lay Faints At Airport; SM Denies Health Issues

Headlines 10.12.16 | 09:38AM EDT

EXO's Lay fainted at airport. SM said he is fine and just needs to rest.

EXO Lay Image Teaser

[PHOTOS] EXO Lay Releases Image Teasers for Upcoming Solo 'What U Need', Drops Song On His Birthday

Headlines 10.12.16 | 12:13PM EDT

EXO member Lay releases image teasers for his upcoming solo 'What U Need' a day before its release.

EXO's Lay

Lay Pledges Allegiance To EXO In SE Weekly Interview: 'There Is No Way That I Will Terminate My Contract!'

Headlines 04.13.15 | 08:30PM EDT

EXO-M's main dancer Zhang "Lay" Yixing has a message for fans of the Chinese "sub-unit" of K-pop blockbuster boy band EXO--you can count on him.


Members of f(x), EXO Were Most Searched Stars In China In 2014

Headlines 01.13.15 | 01:56PM EST

Lay and Victoria landed among well-known Chinese entertainers in Baidu's top 5 most-searched celebrity list.



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