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SM Entertainment Releases MV Teaser For Red Velvet’s Joy And Seul Ong's Duet For SM Station

By Jaswin Singh | November 03, 2016 05:36 AM EDT


SM entertainment has released a music video teaser for Red Velvet's Joy and former 2 AM member Seul Ong's duet for SM Station's new song.

SM Station has been teasing fans with Red Velvet's Joy's pictures on their official instagram account. They have picked Red Velvet's Joy as the next SM Entertainment to sing for the next SM Station song. They have also picked Im Seul Ong for the duet partner in next release. They have been releasing teaser images of the two and it has made the fans anticipate.

In the music video teaser, it first showed Joy pushing back some leaves then to a scene with her and Seul Ong. Seul Ong is showering himself with a hose and he is in front of Joy's house. Joy looked unamused but she is smiling and she still let Seul Ong in. The next scene was Seul Ong eating Chinese takeout, and then he thought of something and looked angry.

The scene after that was Joy eating popcorn. Then, a scene with her and Seul Ong appeared and the both of them were eating popcorn happily. The Joy eating alone got angry and threw the popcorn she was eating. It then went to the happy and lovey-dovey Joy with Seul Ong. The angry Joy then just threw the popcorn all over.

Red Velvet's Joy and Seul Ong is an unexpected match. They have a large age gap and in a different generation of idol groups. However, both of them showed great acting and chemistry in the music video so it was not seen. Also, Red Velvet fans especially Joy biased are super happy that Joy can show her vocal colors with this song.

"Always In My Heart," is the track's title and SM Station will release it on November 4. Watch the MV teaser below and wait for the music video!

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