[Album Review] Mamamoo Will Forever Be In Our "Memory" With New Mini Album

I am going to say it before everything else, I am a huge fan of Mamamoo and I consider myself a Moomoo so this might be a bit biased. But who can hate Mamamoo's music? They are an amazing bunch of talented girls, so... Nobody!

First song, "Draw & Draw & Draw" is a nice jazz song that fits Hwa Sa's vocal so much, actually, not only her but also Whee In and Solar. This song is very soothing and is very nice to listen to. It is the song (I think) in the start of their music video. I recommend that you listen to this when you are alone and just want to relax. You can listen to this too while waiting for someone on Christmas Eve. I love that it is a whole song and not just an intro (because "Hello" left me for GREAT SONG!

"Decalcomanie" as the title track is really good too. First thing I noticed was that the chorus is kinda different from the verses, I am not really a fan of those types of songs but it grows on me. The beat during the verses is so good. Do not even get me started with Mamamoo's vocals. Their vocals are not for kpop, or should I say, kpop needs more Mamamoo like groups. Also, Moon Byul's rap actually went well with the song. I really love the chorus. Another awesome title track from Mamamoo. I love the "Mamamoo is coming back for you" part. Everything about this song is just very Mamamoo.

"New York" was one of their pre releases so this song has grown on me already. This song is one of the more playful songs of Mamamoo. It has the jazzy feel to it and the musical like type of song like most of Mamamoo songs. This one also ha s a music video and it is as playful as the song and Mamamoo.

"Moderato" is one of the slower songs in the album. It is more on the RnB side and it shows that Whee In sings really really really well. It is a chill song with a rapping from Hash Swan. I really love it when Whee In sings RnB songs. I am not really fond of their high noted that much, I love it when they make chill songs like this one. Also, the fact that it is only Whee In's voice in this song is perfectly amazing Whee In's voice fits RnB songs so much. Also, this is the first song that Whee In wrote! My favourite song from the album.

"Angel" is the song of Angel line, Solar and Whee In, of Mamamoo. It is the only ballad song from the album. I really like this song. I am a Whee In bias so that maybe has something to do with it. I also love ballad so it mesh together and made this song perfect for my ears.

"Dab Dab" is another fun track from this album. It showed Hwa Sa and Moon Byul's talent so much. It showed the different rapping style of the two. Hwa Sa with her playful and sassy rapping while Moon Byul with her deep voice and chill rapping.

"Never Letting Go" is another slow song from the album. It is a soft ballad with raps from Moon Byul and Hwa Sa. The members' runs, Whee In and Solar's during the rap parts, made the song so much better. I love the chorus so much; it gives me the 90's vibe. It is the song that was solely written by the members, sans Whee In. They sang this live on their concert and it made them cry, sans Whee In again. There is also a music video of this on their channel. Go watch it!

"Woo Hoo", I love this song so much when I first listen to it. The beginning, their blending, is so so so good! This is why I love Mamamoo. The beat is also really good. Moon Byul's rap was so out of place at first for me, but after some more listening, it became fine. I also really love their high notes in here, especially Whee In's.

Mamamoo is just a girl group that really like doing music and performing on stage. If their songs are this good in an audio expect that it will be better live. They just go well together, and not just their voices but also their personalities. I am giving this album a 4.5 out of 5.

Listen to the whole album and love Mamamoo!

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