Retro sound from SHINee’s new album “1 of 1” wins great respond from domestic and international fans

One of the world famous Korean boy group SHINee released its new album “1 of 1” last month. The album has received great response from their fans in both local and international.

The music video titular song “1 of 1” was published early October in YouTube and within one month it has been watched by 4,5 million viewers. The song itself brings a retro 1990’s funky new jack swing music back to live. According to  AsiaE, the song brings back the old concept of Shinee.

ShINee was debuted in 2008 and their agency SM Entertainment projected them to become the trendsetter for music, fashion and dance. Their first mini album “Replay” was released in May and ranked 8th in the Korean music chart. They received many atttention for their catchy R&B music and stage performance.

The 5-member group consist of Onew whose real name is Lee Jin-ki as the group leader and Jonghyun (Kim Jong-Kyun), Key (Kim Ki-Bum), Minho (Choi Min-Ho) and Taemin (Lee Tae-Min). Four of the members Onew, Key, Taemin and Minho are also known to be actors. Key’s latest acting project was in “Drinking Solo” to play as one of the student in an academy in Noryangjin.

Throughout their eight years career, SHINee has released four albums and gained many recognition and awards. SHINee is known for their music and their fashion style which was designed by Korean fashion designer Ha Sang-Baek 하상, who write his name using unusual romanization spelling as Ha Sang-Beg.

Following their latest single, SHINee delivered slatest album “1 of 1” album consist of nine songs that brings back the vibe of the 80’s and 90’s according to Top Star News. It receives a good reviews from music critics and gained a commericial success in Korea. It also soared to second position in the Billboards US World Albums chart.

Watch the official music video of SHINee new single “1 of 1” from SM Town, the official YouTube channel of SM Entertainment which has been watched by more than 4.5 million viewers below:

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