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Boy Groups That Did Not Deserve Disbandment: C-Clown, DMTN, SPEED, LC9

By Jaswin Singh | November 15, 2016 03:24 AM EST


We have posted the girl group version of this, so here is the boy group edition.

DMTN / Dalmatian - They debuted as Dalmatian and changed their name to DMTN after changing their agency. They are a five-member boy group that debuted in 2010. One of their members Daniel (Drama) made a duo with Beast member Yoseob and promoted the song "First Snow, First Kiss". They were fairly known in Korea after releasing their first mini-album, with two title tracks; "Lover Cop" and "That Man Opposed".

"Round 1"

"Lover Cop"

"That Man Opposed"

After renaming the group, they change their concept and released "ER"

and “Safety Zone” before the long hiatus.

They aren’t necessarily disbanded but it is mostly like that. Following member Daniel's drug controversy, the group has been put on hiatus, while the members pursue individual activities. I just think that the group could have been like Infinite of Teen Top if not for the controversy.

C Clown – is another boy group that disbanded because of the entertainment company’s fault. They debuted with an RnB type of song and is definitely different from other boy groups with tryhard hip hop concept. However, after their long hiatus, they came back with the same concept like every other boy groups.

They are under the same entertainment as EXID, Yedang. I thought after EXID making it out of nugudom they will follow. However, it was the opposite. Yedang announced their disbandment on October 5, 2015.

Their song “Far Away, Young Love” and “Shaking Heart” were my favorite.

Their debut song “Solo” was really good too.

I feel like they were different from other boy groups because they are not trying hard to be hip hop plus their songs have RnB influence and that is my cup of tea. I also think that Yedang could have done something but they did not.

Their last songs were “Justice” and “Let’s Love” that obviously is different from their previous songs.

Speed – is a boy group under Kim Kwang Soo, the abominable CEO of MBK Entertainment, former CCM Entertainment. They were from Co-Ed School, a kpop group with coed members. The girls from COED School made F-VE Dolls which, are now, also disbanded.

Speed has one member that is still known by now, Zico’s brother, Taewoon. Speed is composed of Kangho, Kwanghaeng, Jungwoo, Taewoon, Noori and Sungmin. They officialy debuted in 2012 with “Lovey Dovey-Plus”.

Kangho left the group before debuting then after “Lovey Dovey-Plus”, Kwanghaeng and Noori left the group. After that, they released "Sad Promise" and "It's Over", both tracks are part of “Superior Speed” mini album. "Pain the Love of Heart" was the next track they released which is part of the repackaged album “Blow Speed”. In 2014, they released "Don't Tease Me" and “Why I'm Not”, “Zombie Part” and “Look At Me Now”.

The following year, Taewoon, left Speed. MBK added two members. They released “SPEED ON” mini album with their music video for "What U" as the title track. After everything, member changes and many many music videos, MBK removed their profile on their website. Fans are thinking the group has disbanded because members Jungwoo announced that his contract had expired then Sejun also announced that he left SPEED. In June 2016, Taeha prepared for his solo debut as IONE, while Sungmin signed Star Camp 202 to pursue his acting career.

Speed could have been famous if not for MBK Entertainment. That company is bad for every group’s sake. They have destroyed SeeYa, COED, 5Dolls, Speed and ruined T-ara.

LC9 – this boy group is under NEGA Network, same group with Lunafly and BEG’s former agency. Just January this year, NEGA announced that they have disbanded. They debuted on May 9, 2013 with "MaMa Beat". They then followed it up with “East OF Eden”. That song is what made me think NEGA wasted this group. NEGA has another boy group, Lunafly, but they are more of an acoustic group. LC9 members are really talented so it’s such a shame NEGA disbanded them.

Three of these four boy groups are not really disbanded but it is just some announcement that is missing from it.

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