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Kpop Girl Groups That Did Not Deserve Disbandment - The Ark, Kiss and Cry, Rania, and Glam

By Jaswin Singh | November 12, 2016 08:14 AM EST


Kpop is super saturated right now. There are so many groups who debut every year. Many of them do not even recieve attention and still comes back while there are groups with decent fame and disbands. How can the world be so unfair?

The Ark - they debuted with "The Light" in early 2015. This group's disbandment was probably the most shocking one. They are really doing well in terms of everything, (song, concept, fame) and yet, their entertainment company, Music K, disbanded them. The group consists of five members, Minju, from Kpop Star, Yuna the former YG trainee, Yujin, Halla and Jane.

They really had everything. They do dance covers of BTS and EXO so they captured the hearts of fan girls. The music video of "The Light" is very meaningful I, myself, honestly do not know why in the world Music K Entertainment disbanded them. They could have been as famous as G-friend or at least Mamamoo if they did come back. Such a waste!

Kiss And Cry - another group that had so much potential. They debuted in 2014 with "Domino Game". Their vocals are at the top and could rival Mamamoo. The group received enough attention to have a comeback but they came back with a very lackluster song "Bad Girl" with a very cheap-ass music video. Also, member Dia released a solo song "Paradise". I also do not know what happened to them and they deserve better!

RaNia - the girl group debuted way back in 2011 with "Dr. Feel Good" and received so much attention because of the choreography of their song. The Thai member Joy left before they followed "Dr. Feel Good" with "Masquerade" and "Pop Pop Pop". They came back in 2012 with "Style" but not including all members in the lineup. They again, came back with "Just Go" and again, the lineup was not complete.

After a long hiatus, last year, they came back with a new member, Seulji and Alex, who is the very first African-American person to be in a kpop group. Though they are not officially disbanded, it seems like they are because most of the members already left the group. They went through many member changes and that affected the group so much. Jooyi, my favorite member, went solo but did not receive that much attention. I hope the members who left will make it to whatever path they chose.

Glam - the other group that was formed by Big Hit, is a four member girl group (originally five) that debuted in 2012. They are not as famous as other girl groups but they are not that unknown. I feel like if Dahee's scandal did not happen, they could have made a comeback after BTS achieved everything they did. I really like their song "In Front of the Mirror" and "I like That" I think their songs have a really nice meaning and lyrics so it was such a waste that they disbanded. They also have talented members and can definitely do any concepts.

Comment down which group you would like to comeback! Also, if you have other girl groups that you think should have not disbanded.

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