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[MV & Album Review] Up10tion - ‘White Night’ MV featuring IOI Somi

By jasmooOnce | November 23, 2016 01:29 AM EST


The boy group Up10tion has released their new song "White Night" together with their mini album "Burst" last Sunday November 20.

The music video of "White Night" is actually nice. I feel like TOP Media loves fighting scenes and fights between members as Teen Top and 100% have done those. I did not get the story at first, especially since I do not know the members that well, but after reading the top comment, it kinda made sense. I also like that they used Somi from IOI, I like her.

A fan commented about the story of the mv. According to akiheavenly6, "Kogyeol died due to injury on the ice caused by Hwanhee. Wooshin thought that Hwanhee did this on purpose to get Kogyeol's girlfriend Somi and so he fought with him. I guess Hwanhee was interested in the girl but his intention was only to meet up with her to give her the hockey puck that belonged to Kogyeol. Wooshin misunderstood and rushed to their meeting place to beat Hwanhee up." She even added that "Moral of the story... your bro's girlfriend is off limits, even when said bro is dead."

Their mini album is fairly good too, for a rookie boy group. Nothing new but they have talented members so that makes up for the repetitive things. The first song in "Burst" is "Ignition". It is only an intro song for "White Night". It has lots of beats and it is kinda messy. Also it is only instrumentals and no vocals. "White Night" is a fairly good song. It is the type of song that has lots of beats and is very EDM in nature. "Go" is more on the softer side. It is still a dance track but not dark and a happy song.

"Because" is on the ballad side. The members' voices are really good and the song went well with it. I really like this song. "Stuck On You" is also a dance track just like "Go". They are the type of songs you want to play when you are happy and celebrating. "Just Like That" is on the slower side. It is more on RnB and soul. It showed the versatility of the members' voices.

"Burst" is already their fifth mini album and after listening to it, I think I will look up their previous albums "Top Secret", "BRAVO!", "Spotlight" and "Summer Go!". I liked half of the album and the other half is not so bad.

Listen to the whole album yourself and comment your opinion below!

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