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More comebacks fans need to watch – KNK, Imfact, Snuper

By jasmooOnce | November 22, 2016 04:32 PM EST


November is indeed the month where many kpop groups have their comebacks. There are those famous groups like Blackpink, Mamamoo, BAP and BtoB but there are also those rookie boy groups who just debuted this year that needs more attention.

First on the list is the talented boy group KNK who officially debuted in March this year. They have already released three songs - "Knock", "I Remember", and "Back Again". Now, they have released their new song "U". However, there is no music video for it and only a dance video. "U" is a really great song. It is part of their third album "Remain". KNK is one of those newly debuted boy groups with more mature sound. Their songs are really different from the cutesy and boy next door ones as they are more on the darker side.

Watch their live performances!

Next on the list is SNUPER. Snuper debuted in 2015 and is only under an unknown agency. Their new song "It's Raining" is a pop track with a very upbeat sound. It is somehow the same with their debut song and other releases but also different as the members of Snuper has a more mature look and clothes. I think they are going for the VIXX-like look with this one.

Check out the music video and their live performances!

Last on the list is Imfact. Imfact also debuted in 2016 with "Lollipop". They are under Star Empire Entertainment. They came back with "Feel So Good" just this month. The song is nice, especially if you like hip hop or rap as it has many of it. The singing part of the song is really good though, as expected from Star Empire. The chorus is really catchy with the "Feel So Good" part. This release is a 90 degree change from their debut. Their debut was still kinda hip hop and has many rap parts but it is still fun and light, especially the music video.

Watch their mv and live performances!

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