Girl’s Day pushes comeback to January 2017

By jasmooOnce | November 28, 2016 03:27 AM EST


Girl's Day hasn't had a comeback since July last year. They have announced many times this year that they will be coming back. However, it keeps getting pushed back. Now, it was reported that Girl's Day will be coming back in early January next year.

Recently, Sojin did a V Live with fans and talked about their comeback as a fan asked "This is a serious matter. Girl's Day hasn't made a comeback?" She answered the fan calmly and said that she really wants Girl's Day to comeback this year but they are preparing for a better song and album so it will be done next year. She also wishes to see their fans more often and added that all their fans should be present on their comeback stages.

Girl's Day members are all busy with their solo activities during the entire year. Hyeri acted in tvN's "Reply 1988" and SBS's "Entertainer" while Minah starred in SBS's "Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim." Yura and Sojin were busy too with being an MC on "Tasty Road" and also on tvN's "After the Play Ends."

Back in July, Minah gave an interview about the impending Girl's Day comeback. She said that she is also curious as to when they will be coming back. She added that she's unable to focus about that since she is focusing on her acting. However, she felt like they really need to comeback as there are tons of new girl groups that debut each month. She hopes that they will be coming back soon and with a bang! She ended that interview with a hint of September comeback but as fans can see, it did not happen.

Fans understand Girl's Day's situation as they need to be prepared to battle all the new girl groups. Girl's Day needs to comeback with a great song so that the public will give them attention and they will not be forgotten.

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