Viral song in US pop charts: 'Pen Pineapple Apple Pen' by Piko-Taro

The song "PPAP" is short for "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen." Surely, it has nothing to do with tech giant Apple - it just talks about inserting pens into an apple and a pineapple.

Japanese comedian and singer Piko-Taro - Kosaka Daimaou in real life, is the man behind the craze on this fruity song. His 45-second hit is now touted to be the next "Gangnam Style" - the catchy PSY hit that broke YoutTube not too long ago.

That, despite the fact that Piko-Taro himself has never expected PPAP to become wildly popular. It first surfaced on YouTube back in August this year, and it has amassed more than 50 million views and one million shares after meme website 9Gag posted it on its Facebook page.

Piko-Taro, dressed in his trademark animal print shirt and trousers, was astonished to see the reactions he got for PPAP, which he wrote in just a matter of hours. The Guinness World Book of Records now lists the song as the shortest song ever to enter into the Billboard Hot 100.

"In the past, I was accustomed to performing in front of audiences of between zero and one person," Piko-Taro, 43, quipped as cheers and laughter broke in a packed press conference in Tokyo, Japan. 

"And then this happens...the Internet is a wonderful thing."

PPAP has various cover versions, and the catchy tune has touched the hearts of millions of fans in Japan and across Asia. The song first caught the attention of junior high school pupils when it first came out in August.

On YouTube, PPAP has been watched 67 million times - not bad for a tune that lasts barely under a minute.

"I have the 'Justin [Bieber] effect' to thank, and I would love to see him do a cover," Piko-Taro joked following a performance of a longer version of his hit song in Tokyo. 

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