Twice to release ‘TWICEcoaster : LANE 1’ Christmas Edition plus 3rd Melody Project with Chaeyoung

JYP Entertainment has posted on Twice official Twitter account about the release of "TWICEcoaster: LANE 1" Christmas edition. Pre-orders for the album will start on December 12.

Fans were a bit overwhelmed and taken by surprise as JYP Entertainment suddenly tweeted a post that Twice will be releasing "TWICEcoaster: LANE 1" Christmas edition. The cover shows all the members wearing Santa outfits and posing cutely for the album cover.

Not many details were released, except for the release date and the album cover. JYP Entertainment did not say if there are more songs to be included or if Twice will promote it on music shows.

However, fans are relating this Christmas edition to the "To Be Continued" of the "TT" music video, that it might be this.

Also, during the weekends, Twice has uploaded on their V Live Chaeyoung Melody project. Chaeyoung, rapper of Twice, did a cover of "Alone,"  a soft ballad that proved that she can sing aside from rapping for the group.

Some fans were awed by Chaeyoung's singing talent, although others expected her to do that well since showcasing her many talents on "Sixteen." She showed her soft voice and raw emotions throughout the song.

The music video is also really good. It was shot in different parts of Seoul and it totally suited the aura of the song.

Twice is always getting bashed and hated for not being able to sing well or sing live. "Thrice" - referring to Twice haters, have always reasoned out that Twice can't sing, hence their undeserved popularity.

However, there have been many instances where the members proved their haters wrong. Chaeyoung's "Melody Project" is another proof but "Onces" - Twice's fans, know very well that haters will disregard this and will continue on hating them.

Watch Chaeyoung's "Melody Project" plus other Twice members' performances!

Chaeyoung during "Sixteen"

Jihyo on "Masked Singer"

Twice on "Sugarman"

Twice Melody Project
JYP Entertainment
TWICEcoaster : LANE 1’ Christmas Edition


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