[Album Review] B1A4 releases new album with ‘Good Timing’

B1A4 has come back with a very solid full album that totally makes up for their 1 year and some months absence. Trying different styles and genres all the while everything is self-composed, they totally prove that they are not your typical boy group.

The first tack was the intro for the title track. It's only a minute long and it only sounds like a part of

"A Lie" is a really good mellow dance track. The beats, melody and the guitars and other instruments blended well into the song. The members' voices also made the song better as they relay the message of the song very well.

"Moment I Fall For You" is a nice mellow track with a really good beat to it. The way the members sang is so fitting to the song. The rap parts are also nicely incorporated to the song. I love the chorus of this song so much.

"Good Timing" is totally different from the first two songs. This one is more pop rock with the drums and guitar in it. It is also happier than the first two songs. A song you want to listen to and sing with while on a road trip.

"Nightmare" is probably my favourite songs. It has a very reggae sound and B1A4 members' voices actually suited this so much. I love the roughness and the stopping on each syllable. The heavy influence of reggae totally made the song.

"In Dream" is a very nice ballad. It is not your boring, sounds-all-the-same type of ballad.

"Sparkling" is a nice upbeat track. It sounds different on each part, but at the same time it does not, at least not as severe as other kpop song. Plus, the chorus is really catchy.

"To My Star" is another great track from the album. I think, this song totally shows what a B1A4 sound is. A mellow track but the all the right beats to it.

"Melancholy" this one is like "Good Timing" during the beginning but totally change once the singing start. It is more like "Sparkling".

"I Will Find You" is another different track in this album. It is a mellow song with lots of electric guitar plus the base guitar is wonderful in the music.

"Drunk On You" is their typical B1A4 mellow track. There is nothing amazing about it but it is their style so it is still appreciated.

"Together" has that fairytale feel to it during the beginning. I was hoping it will continue and it did. This is my second favorite song from the album. It is also a ballad but with the magical feel to it like those Disney and IU songs.

"When It Snows" is only on CD, meaning it wasn't available online. It wasn't included to the album I listened to so I don't know how this one sounded.

Props to the members for composing, arranging and producing a very good album! I'll give this 4.6 out of 5.

Listen to the album yourself!

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