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Hwarang introduces BTS V's character in hilarious teaser

By Carlo Rodriguez | December 08, 2016 09:19 PM EST


Things are definitely looking up for Kim Taehyung, also known as "V" of the popular k-pop group Bangtan Sonyeondan or simply BTS. For him and his fellow BTS members, 2016 has been such an eventful year. Not only have their popularity and influence skyrocketed, but now V himself is stepping into a different boundary as he debuts in his first ever acting role in the upcoming series "Hwarang: The Beginning."

Just recently Hwarang released a new teaser featuring V's character on the show, Han Seong, Allkpop reports. In the video, Han Seong is described as somewhat of a curious fellow who seems to love laughing a lot and if he ever focuses his mind on something, he wouldn't notice anything going on around him even if the world is turned upside down, this according to Go Ara.

Aside from these traits, it seems that V's character also enjoys getting scolded and most of the time it's because of his waking up very late. He also enjoys dancing with his seniors and making fun of his teachers. V's character also develops a fascination in becoming friends with Park Seo Joon's character.

The short teaser definitely gave everyone a wonderful glimpse into V's character and to be honest, the teaser also made him more interesting and loveable. This isn't to say that he isn't loveable in real life, but with Hwarang, people are sure to love V even more because of his endearing character.

Interestingly, the character V is portraying is not that far from him in real life. In fact, you can definitely notice the striking similarities V has with Han Seong. You can even say that the role he is playing is his own self.

However, it still is right to commend V for his acting because while it may seem easy from everyone's television screens, it's actually a lot more difficult behind the scenes and by the looks of the teaser, V seems to be doing a great job. Now for those who are excited to watch "Hwarang: The Beginning", you would have to wait a few days more because according to Soompi, the series will only start airing on December 19, 2016. You can watch the teaser here.

Wouldn't you just love to hug V's parents and thank for bringing such a gift into this world?

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