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Drama Review Corner: '7 First Kisses' Episode 3

By Charmaine Distor | December 14, 2016 11:37 AM EST


The most anticipated web drama, "7 First Kisses", just dropped its third episode featuring the "Cheese in the Trap" lead actor Park Hae Jin.

The first two episodes featured actress Choi Ji Woo and actor Lee Joon Gi, and now Park Hae Jin adds up to the long roster of hot actors who starred in this blockbuster web drama by Lotte Duty-Free. Hae Jin played the role of Min Soo Jin's (Lee Cho Hee)  boss and will be her second kiss in the web drama. Here are some highlights of the 12-minute drama.


1. Soo Jin's working dinner date with her boss

The episode starts with the usual setting of Soo Jin being on her post at the information desk. She kept on rummaging through her phone's inbox when her boss caught her on the act. She felt humiliated but more than that; she was shocked upon seeing Park Hae Jin in front of her. She thought she was only dreaming, but her co-workers insisted that Hae Jin be their boss.

After her shift, Soo Jin went to her boss' office to claim her phone back. Hae Jin returned the phone, and before Soo Jin exits his office, he asked her if she can work overtime and have dinner with him. Of course, Soo Jin happily agreed.

Their dinner had a very awkward atmosphere. To break the silence, Hae Jin asked Soo Jin to play some music. As clumsy as she is, Soo Jin accidentally played a noisy punk rock music shocking Hae Jin.

2. Is Soo Jin's boss her stalker?

Their not-so-date type of dinner ended, and Soo Jin volunteered to clear their table. Hae Jin exits the office, and Soo Jin accidentally saw some photos on her boss' desk. She went through the photos and learned that they were the same set of photos she received earlier that day. Stolen photos of her arms, legs, and her face haunted her. Soo Jin hurriedly went for the fire exit to avoid her boss.

3. The Protective Boss

This part actually resembled the scene from "The Grudge". Kidding aside, Soo Jin is still nervous as she run through the stairs of the fire exit. She hurriedly went for the elevator, but to her surprise, she met the person who sent her the photos. Fortunately, it's not her boss. The stalker kept on harassing her until Hae Jin enters the scene to save the day.

4. Her Second Kiss

The ending of each episode of this web drama is every fangirl's dream. After saving Soo Jin, Hae Jin tried to engage in a small talk. Their talk escalated quickly as Hae Jin immediately asked Soo Jin if they can date and be in a relationship. Soo Jin was just stunned and shyly agreed.

It looks like there are more episodes to look forward to in "7 First Kisses". As the episode ended, Soo Jin learned that the magic of being with the dream boys would stop as soon as they kissed. Will she be able to stay longer with her dream guy in the next episodes after learning about this?

Episode 4 will star the "K2" star Ji Chang Wook and as badass as his role in the said series, the next episode of "7 First Kisses" will be filled with many action scenes.

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