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Annual Grimae Awards 2016 All Eyes on 'Six Flying Dragons','Marriage Contract' and "The Imjin War 1592';Actors bag top awards

By analine Murphy | December 19, 2016 04:16 AM EST


In the Annual Grimae Awards held December 15, 2016, Actor Yoon Kyun Sang, After School's UEE and Kang Hye-soo took home some of the most prestigious acting awards for the night.

Hosted by the Korean Television Producers Association (KTPA), It was held at the KBS Shin Kwan Hall.

The Rookie Actor Award went to Actor Yoon Kyun Sang for his artistic character roles in 'Six Flying Dragons' and 'Doctors', according to scoopnest.

Six Flying Dragons depicts the crash between Prince Lee Bang-won and Jeong Do-jeon.In the plot, Jeong Do-jeon helped King Taejo establish the nation of Joseon.

However, Prince Lee Bang- won turned out requiring the state ruled by his absolute power as against Jeong Do-jeon seeking the control of ministers instead.

It is where the conflict builds up. It became one of the primetime television hits during its air time.With the" Doctors," the actor became an established full-time resident artist at SBS having been seen in a series of dramas one after another such as Faith,The Time I've Loved Pinocchio, and his award-winning vehicle "Six Flying Dragons", as per allkpop.

Actor Yoon Kyun Sang's role in the' Doctors' is to meet the helpless gangster heroine who becomes a neuro-surgeon. He is an heir to a chaebol company.Surprisingly, hee has no liking for taking charge of the business, so he becomes a doctor instead.

As he favors a carefree behavior and a sweet romantic love life, he, by fate runs into the rebel heroine who equals his lifestyle.

Similarly, After School's UEE brought home the "Best Actress Award" that night for her outstanding performance in ''Marriage Contract''. In this drama, she is Kang Hye-soo, a widow who burdens in paying off her dead husband's debt while rearing a daughter.

She, however, is diagnosed with brain tumor. To ease things up a little bit and by luck, a rich chaebol wants to arrange a marriage for someone to help save his mother's life for a liver transplant.

She went on with this arrangement, agreed to part with a portion of her liver to the mother in exchange for an amount that would help her daughter have enough money to live by until she reaches adulthood.

The sacrifice she put into the arrangement makes the drama an interesting watch.

Kim Eung Soo for his part bagged the "Best Actor Award" for his portrayal as Toyotomi Hideyoshi.He is a poor peasant who excelled in the acts of war having fought for a group that honors strict family values and noble kinship.

That brought him to become the greatest ruler to the most industrialized and one of the world's dominant settlements in the world.It is in the historical film "The Imjin War 1592''.

The film traces the socio-political scenes between Myung - Joseon Dynasty and Japan during the Imjin War. The production included a big cast. Directors Kim Han Sol & Park Seong Joo took toe on the big production under the KBS1 label.

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