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Pledis Doing It Right With Seventeen

By jasmooOnce | December 19, 2016 08:24 PM EST


Pledis Entertainment is finally done with their slump as they are now managing and promoting Seventeen's activities the right way!

Seventeen is definitely on the right path to success with their newest album "Going Seventeen". After all the hardships and struggles the members went through, they are now being recognized slowly by kore Korean netizens and fans of other groups.

Pledis Entertainment has started promoting and introducing their new boy group Seventeen in 2012. They had their own reality show "Seventeen TV" even before debuting. They also make daily posts and engagements with fans for their daily life.

They were also in "Seventeen Project: Big Debut Plan" prior to their debut showcase. Because of those promotions, Seventeen definitely gained many dedicated and following fans. All the pre-debut stuff definitely paid off because Seventeen's debut album entered Billboard's World's Album chart.

Seventeen continues to rise from Pledis dungeon's bit by bit and going to the more flowery path. Whatever Pledis Entertainment did with Seventeen for them to be like what they are now is definitely good. They have also promoted the group and gave them great songs and albums.

From "Adore U" and "Mansae" to "Pretty U" and "Very Nice", now, Seventeen has achieved more with "Boom Boom". Their b-side tracks are also killers. Fans definitely love Seventeen songs and even non-fans like them because of their catchiness and addictive lyrics.

Moreover, Seventeen is a self-producing group. Many of the members know how to write lyrics and even arrange songs. They also choreograph most of their dance routines. Many of their performances for awards shows are really different and it shows that a lot of effort was put into it.

Though everything is not perfect for Pledis and Seventeen, they are in a working relationship that could still be improved. Also, with the help of the fans, Seventeen can definitely achieve more and more in the years ahead.

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