Speculations of A Wanna One Member Charged With Molestation Surface But It Was Actually NU'EST's Baekho

Headlines 10.12.17 | 11:28AM EDT

News Outlets & Netizens Believe A Wanna One Was Charged With Molestation But It Was Actually NU'EST Baekho

Pledis Girlz Sells Out Concert

Pledis Girlz Sells Out Last Concert Before Official Debut

Hot Issues 12.25.16 | 05:58AM EST

The upcoming girl group from Pledis Entertainment has sold out their last concert before their official debut.

Pledis Doing It Right With Seventeen

Pledis Doing It Right With Seventeen

Features 12.19.16 | 08:24PM EST

Pledis Entertainment is finally done with their slump as they are now managing and promoting Seventeen’s activities the right way!

Pledis Announces Permanent Blacklist For Seventeen Fans Who Break Rules

Pledis Announces Permanent Blacklist For Seventeen Fans Who Break Rules

Headlines 07.10.16 | 09:31PM EDT

Fans who broke the no-recording rule on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook prompted the announcement.

Big Hit Entertainment Beats Out YG For Most Albums Sold In 2015

Big Hit Entertainment Beats Out YG In 2015 Album Sales Rankings

Headlines 04.05.16 | 01:09AM EDT

The veteran companies in the industry are being overtaken by smaller agencies.


After School's Jungah Worries About How To Make A Living After Leaving Group

Headlines 01.29.16 | 12:36PM EST

The singer revealed her thoughts about leaving the K-pop group in a post on her personal blog.

after school pole dance

After School Circus-Like Pole Dance... Is It Possible On Programs As Well?

Hot Issues 06.13.13 | 08:23AM EDT

Girl group After School, who has revealed that their new song's dance involves pole dance, is catching much attention as to whether it's possible on regular music programs or not.

nu'est album jacket photo

NU'EST, New Album Jacket Photo

Etc 02.04.13 | 04:44AM EST

Group NU'EST revealed their new album jacket image for their new song 'Hello.'

son dambi dripping tears photo shoot

Son Dam Bi 'Dripping Tears' Photo Shoot Revealed 'Sexiness + Sophistication'

Etc 11.09.12 | 03:32AM EST

Singer Son Dam Bi revealed the album jacket photos for her 4th mini album 'dripping tears'.


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