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Underrated Member Of Girl Groups - Wonder Girls, Apink, Lovelyz, Laboum, Oh My Girl, Twice, Fiestar, Nine Muses, T-ara, EXID

By jasmooOnce | December 20, 2016 02:07 AM EST


Girl version of underrated idol members.

Lim of Wonder Girls - Lim is definitely the least popular member of the Wonder Girls. It is understandable why though because she joined the group the latest. However, I think Lim has proven many times already that she deserves all the love because of her talents.

Namjoo of Apink - Namjoo can do anything and everything. Too bad most Apink members have a designated part and somehow, she is always the second best. She can sing but Eunji is there. She is good at variety but Bomi is there. She beautiful but there the other members are too. Plan A needs to work harder!

Jin of Lovelyz - Jin is one of the members of Lovelyz that was introduced before they debuted. I was really looking forward for her because I really like her voice. Now, it seems like Woollim has totally forgot about her. Also, in variety shows, she does not stand out that much and most of her parts are edited. Woollim better give Jin more!

Yulhee of Laboum - Laboum is not that really known yet but I feel like Yulhee can definitely do more if her company will push her as much as they are pushing Solbin, same with ZN.

Hyojung of Oh My Girl - Hyojung is the leader of Oh My Girl and it feels like she isn't. I do partially think that it is also what she wants, not to overshadow or stand out too much. I feel like she is happy with her members getting the attention. Fans need to love this adorable leader more!

Chaeyoung of Twice - Twice is super popular right now. Chaeyoung isn't underrated in terms of fans (but still kinda) but more like she isn't given that much with their songs. I know she recently did a "Melody Project" but Chaeyoung needs more parts in their song and not those half assed rap parts. She go the talent to back anything up!

Linzy of Fiestar - Linzy is the vocal prowess of Fiestar. Jei, Cao Lu and Yezi all got their time while Hyemi was in "Girl Spirit". When will Linzy's time be?

Hyemi of Nine Muses - Nine Muses is a group with great members and great songs but now it is kind of dysfunctional. Only Kyungri is famous and most of them left already. Hyemi, the only original member left is so underrated Star Empire needs to reflect.

Soyeon of T-ara - I know Soyeon ahs many fans but her talents are still underrated. Three members of T-ara already had a solo and Soyeon needs one too. Her voice is too precious to be wasted!

Honorary mention is Hyerin of EXID. We all know EXID got popular because of Hani's fan cam and the rest of the members followed. However, I think their company still do not know where to put Hyerin. Hyerin can sing but Solji is already in charge of that. I think Hyerin can do variety shows. She is really funny even though she is not trying. I do hope her company will do more for her.

Do you know other girl group member that deserves more?

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