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Man Living in Our House Wraps Up: Jo Bo Ah's Role Stays

By analine Murphy | December 21, 2016 05:08 AM EST


The man Living in our House has wrapped up its 16 episodes. While the array of new series of k- pop drama awaits the new year, Yeo Joo (Jo Bo Ah) is a welcome face on social and celebrity print media as she says hello to the avid fans of the series signifying that it is too bad the show has ended according to allkpop.

She laments that she wasn't able to deliver the role with her full energy per socialfeed ( rephrasing, she must have second thoughts on how well she has played the role). Categorically, she is the anti-hero, a villain in short in the drama.

The anti-hero
How well she reprises that girl running after rich men to hook up with now comes for a review. Villains in films and tv dramas recognize they make their mark when people notice them, get mad at them or even prefer they did not exist to secure the lead actor's life very miserable.

Staying put
The intensity of her presence as a character cannot be underplayed. In fact, her inclusion in the plot makes specific characters a stack out against the virtuous or otherwise.

Na-Ri touched a point in rejecting her having ruined her commitment to the ex-fiance. Her condition moreover sells the poetic justice to the seemingly mismatched pair in Na-Ri and Jo Dong-jin,

Plot-wise, her bearing constructs a setting where actions command decisions in the most climactic portions of the drama (Na-ri meeting Nan- Gil, her pursuit of other men, her bouts with co-workers who dislike her among a few). It made Na-Ri go back to her mom's house. The return gained her the realization that she had neglected the house she grew up in.

She too (Yeo Joo) gave Na-Ri a space to discern she could be loved by a man sans the limitations of time and no test of infidelity on the side. Her demeanor too accentuated Na-Ri as an all forgiving character.

Sticking it out
As a performer, she lived up to the villain role through and through. She was always running after men who are moneyed.

Was she ever good at putting up a facade of being poor like the script says?Yes, she was!

Continuously, she made herself up and be presentable to all the man she likes to be connected with. She was resolved in fulfilling a mission, that of taking charge of her ailing father.

To that extent, she would build relationships among men who have the bucks she can benefit from. Her gait likewise boosts the fact that Deok-bong, despite being so suspicious about Nan-Gil at first, Yeo Joo made her very likable.

There is something in her that men would really run after. Yeo Joo lingers as the villain and will stay well as far as the audience would remember.

This won't escape the followers' thoughts: how mean Nari could have been when she pulled her hair and pinned her down on the floor ( in her mind's eye!) when she realizes, her fiance was not for her to marry after all. That, the climax seized so strongly.

Jo Bo-ah, no doubt earned the hate from the followers of The Man Living in Our House. The energy (contrary to how she feels), she  put into the series cannot be disputed.

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