Song Ji Hyo broke into tears as Lee Kwang Soo bagged Top Excellence Award at 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards

The 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards was not only about the glitz and glamour as it also became a heartfelt moment for awardees like “Running Man” resident ‘giraffe’ Lee Kwang Soo.

Lee Kwang Soo garnered one of the most coveted award which is the “Top Excellence Award” for his hilarious antics in the long-running SBS variety show “Running Man”. The actor can’t hide his happiness for achieving this award but at the same time, he also felt sad as the show will finally end in February 2017.

While delivering his speech, Lee Kwang Soo broke into tears while thanking his co-members. This whole-hearted message also made his co-members teary-eyed especially Song Ji Hyo who broke into tears after Lee Kwang Soo expressed his true feelings for her.

IB Times noted that Kwang Soo called Ji Hyo as his “real older sister” in his speech. The two grew closer throughout their stay on “Running Man” and Kwang Soo has been very caring and protective of Ji Hyo which was highlighted on their candid interactions while filming the variety show and even off cam.

Despite the recent controversy where Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook were removed unknowingly from the cast for 2017 by the producers of the show, Koreaboo reported that Kwang Soo still thanked the hardworking PDs, VJs, and staff of “Running Man” for being there for the past seven years.

Now that Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo’s common show is ending, their bond as close friends never stopped. As proof, both were doing some favors for each other outside the show such as when Ji Hyo made a cameo appearance for Kwang Soo’s tvN drama “Entourage”. Fans are hoping that the two will still continue to be close friends even after “Running Man” ends. In the meantime, check the full speech of Lee Kwang Soo below.

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