Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo Puts Aside Her Casual ‘Running Man’ Image At Fan Meeting & Latest Photo Shoot With Grazia

Stars on TV / Movies 05.24.17 | 08:52AM EDT

Song Ji Hyo looks fabulous and classy in a recent photo shoot with fashion magazine Grazia. The "Running Man" member was also spotted sporting the same style for a fan meeting event to promote a cosmetic brand she's endorsing.

Song Hye Kyo

6 Actresses That Don’t Seem To Age Even In Their 30s

Features 05.12.17 | 01:59PM EDT

These actresses prove age is just a number, but their timeless beauty is eternal.

'Running Man'

‘Running Man’ In Danger Of Cancellation Following Casts’ Inappropriate Behaviors During Broadcast

Stars on TV / Movies 05.10.17 | 12:06PM EDT

"Running Man" is once again under fire following Korean's communication committee's decision to review the show. Now, the SBS show is facing the risk of being canceled.

Song Ji Hyo On Gary's Marriage

Song Ji Hyo Wants Gary To Call Her; 'Running Man' Members Were Disappointed With Gary’s Secret Wedding

Stars on TV / Movies 04.27.17 | 05:55AM EDT

Song Ji Hyo and "Running Man" members expressed their disappointment with Gary's secret marriage during a fan meeting in Malaysia.

Song Ji Heo

Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty Lusters Despite Her Shocking New Hairstyle In “Running Man”

Trending News 03.07.17 | 03:59AM EST

Song Ji Hyo, in the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” is tasked to get a shocking new hairstyle but her messy hair could not even hide and diminish her shining beauty.

Song Ji Hyo

‘Song Ji Hyo’ Latest News: ‘Emergency Couple’ Actress Shares Thoughts On Marriage, Divorce, and Cheating Boyfriend

Trending News 01.30.17 | 10:38AM EST

Song Ji Hyo shares her views on marriage, divorce, and infidelity in a recent interview.

Running Man members posed for a picture on Photo Wall of 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards.

'Running Man' Won't Be Ending This 2017

Stars on TV / Movies 01.31.17 | 03:25AM EST

Fans of the hit urban variety show "Running Man" will surely rejoice. It was just announced that the show will continue its airing and won't end next month.

Running Man

Running Man Won't Be Cancelled, Says SBS

Headlines 01.25.17 | 07:57AM EST

After announcing the cancellation of the long-running show 'Running Man,' SBS announces that they have decided to continue the show. Find out why.

Song Ji Hyo with Gary

Song Ji Hyo Did Not Think She will Host a Beauty Program; Actress Gushed About Co-Host Gong Myung

Stars on TV / Movies 01.21.17 | 03:36AM EST

Song Ji Hyo will have her own beauty show following cancellation of "Running Man." Actor Gong Myung will join her as co-host.

Burberry Seoul Flagship Store Opening Event

Kim Jong Konk And Song Ji Hyo To Get Married Soon According To Predictions

Stars on TV / Movies 01.10.17 | 04:42AM EST

On the January 1 episode, “The Running Man” members had their fortunes told by both a traditional Korean fortune teller (saju) and a tarot fortune teller.

Actress Song Ji Hyo attends the Burberry Seoul Flagship Store Opening Event on October 15, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

Running Man Producers Making Apology to Member by Punishing Themselves Publicly

Hot Issues 01.02.17 | 08:55AM EST

Running Man producers apologized to members one by one each week on Running Man epsidoe by punish themself with every request the members want. They made it to public and promised to do better in the future.

Song Ji Hyo broke into tears upon hearing Lee Kwang Soo’s speech.

Song Ji Hyo broke into tears as Lee Kwang Soo bagged Top Excellence Award at 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards

Headlines 12.28.16 | 08:38AM EST

The 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards was not only about the glitz and glamour as it also became a heartfelt moment for awardees like “Running Man” resident ‘giraffe’ Lee Kwang Soo.

 Kim Jong-Kook and Song Ji-Hyo from “Running Man” variety show.

Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook will donate their salary from 'Running Man' to charity

Headlines 12.20.16 | 11:16AM EST

Two “Running Man” cast members Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook will donate the remaining of their payment from the show to charity. Their decision is announced by their respective agency.

Running Man update: Kang Ho Dong declines offer to host the show

Stars on TV / Movies 12.19.16 | 08:29PM EST

Read the full story behind Kang Ho Dong's decision.

Song Ji Hyo & Kim Jong Kook

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook confirmed to leave ‘Running Man’

Hot Issues 12.16.16 | 07:12AM EST

The two long-time members of SBS hit variety show are leaving 'Running Man'. Rumors have surfaced about their decision might have not been mutual with the production crew.

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook will officially leave “Running Man”

Stars on TV / Movies 12.16.16 | 05:42AM EST

Perhaps, 7012 is really over as Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook are confirmed to leave the well-loved variety show.

Song Ji Hyo poses for

Song Ji Hyo to host new JTBC2 show 'Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty View'

Fashion & Style 12.12.16 | 04:52AM EST

See the beautiful side of Song Ji Hyo in upcoming new JTBC 2 show "Dubbed as one of the most beautiful stars in Korea, Song Ji Hyo will redefine what "beauty" is in her new show on JTBC2 entitled "Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View." Song Ji Hyo has recently finished her drama in JTBC, "My Wife is having an Affair this Week," alongside actor Lee Sun Gyun and now she will be returning not with drama but with a beauty show showcasing and flaunting her secret beauty regimens. According to All Kpop, "Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View" will be different from other beauty shows as Ji Hyo will be having one-on-one discussions with South Korea's beauty experts and top trendsetters. It will also have a more personal vibe compared to other shows since Ji Hyo herself will share some tips. The producers even shared that Ji Hyo self-admitted that she is pretty new to hosting beauty shows despite being a brand ambassador of different skin care products. Fans can expect that in the show, Ji Hyo will also ask her personal concerns about beauty that viewers can really relate to. Many people have seen the different sides of Ji Hyo. She is more elegant in her dramas, and she is more relaxed and outgoing on variety shows like "Running Man" where she is a permanent member. Although Ji Hyo rarely dons makeup especially on "Running Man," her co-hosts testified that Ji Hyo is really a natural beauty. It can be recalled that on one of the episodes of the said hit variety show, Kim Jong Kook's plastic surgeon brother guested and proved that Ji Hyo is one of the actresses in South Korea who have the perfect face proportion making her one of the most beautiful actresses. Male guests on the show cannot hide their fascination with Ji Hyo's beauty such as ZE:A's Dong Joon, actor Park Seo Joon, and 2AM's Seulong. Even her former co-members Gary and "Descendants of the Sun" actor Song Joong Ki agreed that Ji Hyo is indeed one of the prettiest stars in Korea. "Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View" will start airing on January 19 next year. Stay tuned for more updates only here in Kpop Starz. Song Ji Hyo's Beauty Show."

Drama Review Corner: "My Wife is having an Affair this Week" Episode 9

K-Drama 12.08.16 | 11:58PM EST

Before you watch the finale, make some time to know about the twists in Episode 9!

Hyun Woo and Soo Yeon in a tug-of-war on their child.

"My Wife's Having An Affair" Episode 8 recap in quotes

K-Drama 11.24.16 | 09:03AM EST

Can't get enough of this new JTBC drama starring Song Ji Hyo and Lee Sun Kyun? Indulge yourselves with the latest spoilers and, of course, some quotable quotes from "My Wife's Having An Affair"

My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week kept on having high ratings. Fans have something to look forward to.

“My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week” soars high in ratings; might become the most famous JTBC drama

Trending News 11.17.16 | 05:41AM EST

“My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week” is the JTBC drama to watch out this season.

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