7 Celebrities Who Could've Been Part of YG

Everyone knows that becoming an idol is quite the staggering process. Idols would need to be trained and be backed by a devoted agency and even with both of these, sometimes it just isn't enough especially when the circumstances don't favor you. In South Korea, talent agencies and companies have become the stepping stones of numerous successful idols. Companies like YG Entertainment are responsible for scouting potential talents, housing and nurturing several big name artists.

Some idols are just scouted by companies on the streets while most aspirants have to audition in order to get into a talent agency and even then, there is no certainty that they would become idols.

Over the years, YG has produced a number of excellent k-pop idols like G-Dragon and CL but with all the talents in their roster, there are also some who have managed to slip by their hands. Here are 7 celebrities who could have been part of YG Entertainment courtesy of Allkpop.

1.       Jun.K  (2PM)

Jun.K is known as a member of the popular k-pop group 2PM and has been signed with JYP Entertainment for several years now but little did you know that Jun.K also got into YG Entertainment. In the end though, Jun.K ultimately chose to be with J.Y. Park and the rest is history. According to Asiastarz, Jun.K had just finished his solo tour in Japan.

2.       Zelo (BAP)

When Zelo was young, he had auditioned for countless of companies which also included YG Entertainment. Unfortunately though, he had repeatedly gotten rejected owing to his young age at the time. Thankfully, Zelo got into and trained at TS Entertainment before debuting with his group BAP.

3.       Bohyung

Bohyung was originally a YG trainee and was in the running to become part of the now disbanded iconic k-pop group 2NE1 but in the end, Yang Hyun Suk probably decided that Bohyung didn't fit his vision for 2NE1. In an interview with Lee Hyori, Bohyung was asked about her thoughts as to why she didn't make it as a member of 2NE1 and she jokingly replied by saying, "Maybe I didn't have enough swag."

4.       Honey Lee

Most people know Honey Lee as a beautiful actress but like Bohyung, she was also in the running to become a member of 2NE1 and she had even trained with Park Bom, Minzy and CL! Unfortunately, she was replaced by Dara and she ultimately took the path of acting.

5.       Linzy (FIESTAR)

Linzy was also in the running to become part of 2NE1 but in the end, she decided that it wasn't her for her and left YG for LOEN and then debuted as a member of FIESTAR.

6.       Go Kyung Pyo

The 'Reply 1988' star had trained under YG Entertainment for two years before his contract with the company fell and then decided to become an actor.

7.       Hyunseung (B2ST)

The former B2ST member almost debuted as a member of the legendary group BIGBANG. Sadly, Yang Hyun Suk felt that Hyunseung had lacked the star potential which is why he was booted out of YG. Luckily for Hyunseung, this experience only furthered his drive to work harder and do better. 

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