K-Pop Fandom Idols Light Sticks WIth Brightness and Cute Designs

By Siti Fatimah | January 09, 2017 01:33 PM EST


K-Pop Idols are identical with light stick. They have their official light stick for every group. Fans at the concert or fan meeting will bring the light stick and it shows their support to the idols. When you see a concert of certain group, you will see one color of the light stick and it is so mesmerizing.

The light stick for each group has their own color and design. Sometimes, they design it based on the name of the fandom or based on the characteristic of the group. Among all of official light sticks, some are so bright and they are considered the best.

According to report from koreaboo, here are some light sticks which have the brightest shine among others:

1.       Shinee

Diamond Light Stick with 1001 Lux

2.       iKon

Konbat with 665 Lux

3.       BTS

Army Bomb with 530 Lux

4.       BTOB

Saxophone Stick with 435 Lux

5.       EXO

Pharynx with 330 Lux

6.       Got7

Baby Bird (Ahgase) with 292 Lux

7.       BEAST

Rose Stick with 248 Lux

8.       WINNER

I.C stick with 188 Lux

9.       2PM

Hottest with 148 Lux


Hollow bread stick with 100 Lux

11.   Bigbang

Bang light stick with 20 Lux

12.   VIXX

Starlight with 6 Lux

With the brightness, the light stick will last long for sure. It will stand out among other light sticks. But light stick can also in a cute shape and it can really attract others even though the brightness is not that much. Among them are TWICE with the Candy Bong. The shape is like candy and with pink color; it is really cute and girly, according to report from kpopmap.

AKMU comes up with light stick in tent shape inspired by AKMU Camp. GOT7 with fandom ahgase (baby bird) come up with bird shape in green color. A Pink attracts their fans with pink panda light stick.

The improvement in the design of the light stick shows the idea of the group as they want people to notice their unique concept. Among them, which one is your favorite?

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