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Drama Review:The Lonely Shining Goblin Takes a Shot At Digital Spectacle; It Triumphs

By analine soriano Murphy | January 11, 2017 10:00 AM EST


In the Goblin's latest episode, Sunny and the Reaper had character transformations bringing back two lives in the past. A stream of petals appeared in a simulation.

The act replicates the pattern of snowflakes drifting, feathery ice crystals sloping upwards, leaves falling, pollens streaming across the tv screens, that have been used generously in the tv drama. One fan of the series has theorized that the use of the visual signals the fate of the two characters' (Sunny and the Reaper) subplot per Koreaboo.

 It holds water. The cinematography has used this several times in the series. No overhead surprises.

Mapping out scenes

To list the incidents on recall, one of them comes when Eun Tak and the Goblin first met in Quebec. There was a burst of grass pollens (digital animation) coursing through the tv screen symbolizing Spring.

When he finally felt that this could be his bride ( although Eun-Tak at this point is just relieved at the prospect of leaving a strange family set up with mean aunts and cousins) maple leaves fall.

The streak of leaves stayed awhile as it brings in Eun Tak's  wisdom of whoever catches a maple leaf from it will marry his first love ( as noted, the Goblin is Eun Tak first chance to fall in love and so does the aging Goblin).

Cinematic effects sets a trend

One thing that makes Goblin intriguing to watch is how the series plays with the cinematic effects (spectacle if one can call it so ) on character emotions it wants to portray.

Presently, the supporters of the drama are paying attention to those visual animations and the medium by which the series wants to get them through. It helps in the understanding of the nuances of the goblin's world,

Its use comes as a sidekick in the effective use of digital animation in crafting the world for this 939-year-old Goblin He wants to end his immortality by falling in love. Yet, the same love seems to make him delay his planned mortality.

Going beyond digital effects

The impressions of the animated visual effects were all crafted in the miniature digital paste - ups that somehow catch the most important and symbolic stage of the character's relationship. The cinematic effects were used to change moods and events.

By the same pull of circumstance, their use has palpable impacts on colors as it employs lights to add to the images.This is effective in tracking day to day events that signal disaster, or fear as they shape the characters' lives. In effect, the use of lights has indicated a symbolism that holds so vital in the storyline.

The light stops. It ends the major plot of Eun Tak who has relied on the contract that says the Shin will be her light forever. according to AsianWiki.

The Goblin tv drama uses the element of magic sort of (characters appearing in someone's space all of a sudden is an example) in the presentation of characters.They can assume personalities out of fancy, extreme emotion that sometimes appear as exaggerations.

The use of digital spectacle that is evident in the Goblin drama series adds to the understanding of the dramatis personae. It enhances the viewers' sensitivity to the different moods and personal statuses as heroes and anti-heroes.

What comes next is a look at how they interact with other characters. The enjoyment one finds watching a dramatic production on tv is different from the pleasure the medium of a written treatment delivers.

The cinematic spectacle makes up for the limitations television viewing has when the plot would have been sketched thoroughly via the printed medium.

Templates are all over that play with these type of visual effects. They enhance personal videos. Another short way is a photo slide using gif images that effect as a video in the end. Use them on tv, why not? 

The series features Goblin, Kim Sin  (Gong Yoo), The Grim Reaper (Lee Dong-Wook), and Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Go-Eun-I ) in the lead roles.

Watch Sunny and the Reaper's scene here:

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