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Mukbang Variety Show Settles for Muk!et Street; Tongyeong City is First Destination

By analine soriano Murphy | January 13, 2017 03:13 AM EST


February  28, 2017 records the first airing of Muk!et Street on JTBC. It's the same production currently running' Let's Eat Dinner Together' on cable television.

It comes as several tv dramas are in the process of a premier starting this January. A different show format is, however, taking the shot at the rating game when all the scheduled Tv tuners will have debuted.

 Jinwoon, Jung-Jun-Ha will take locals to a tour of different provinces of Korea in search of a home cooked meal per Soompi. The first destination will feature the most famous food of the port city of  Tongyeong,  A prominent city in the Korean peninsula, it is situated at the southern end.

The Tv setup presented on the E channel will give a twist to the food inspired programs that have dominated k-pop dramas in the recent years. It comes in the style of a variety show.

However, the big catch is the meals featured are not conventionally cooked dishes. A unique stamp that sums up a meal that no money can buy according to Allkpop is the theme that binds all the episodes soon to air.

 This early, speculations are high as to the type of food highlighted in each event.  Will it run on a bizarre or regional authentic type of cooking?

The challenge that the major artists in the cast are into changes each time they switch destinations. It is where the anticipation lies as the tour advances.

To dig into an exotic type of eating is not a surprise with this type of a tv show makeup. At the moment the mukbang  (cooking) reality show Muk!et Street has a cast initiated by 5  well know k-pop artists namely Youngji, Cao Lu, f(x)'s Luna, Park Bo Ram, and Giant Pink,

To boost its authentic culinary format, the two anchor hosts known for their huge appetites will join the girls in the tours. They set out in search of the complete do-it-yourself meals.It is interesting to note that the production had a working title 'Strong Girls' on its inception in December 2016.

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