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American CBS' ' Criminal Mind's To Win Korean Audience; Kim Ah-joong and Lee Jun-ki Double Back on Crime Drama

By analine soriano Murphy | January 13, 2017 01:47 PM EST


Kim Ah-Joong and  Lee Jun-ki take a u-turn from 'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo' and 'Wanted' respectively as 'Criminal Minds'- a long-running American television series is set to premiere among k-drama viewers.

The multi-season crime investigation file production will be adapted for a KBS showing. In play is a collaboration between the Korean channel, CBS and Disney Media Distributions. Adaptation rights are now in the works.

Whether to go multi-series similar to its American counterpart is something the inception group is considering per write- up on Dramabeans. If the format materializes, it will be a full diversion from the episodic type of airing that most Korean K-dramas offer.

The audience needs a full engagement in the series.  Missing one episode would mean losing a grip of the plot and the character reveals.

An important catch of a non-episodic tv drama is at work.The viewers do not have to follow all the episodes to understand and keep track of the plot. 

Here is where exactly the lure of 'Criminal Minds' that deals with procedural crime investigation lies. The production repository that has rights for reproduction currently in the works is on an extensive lookout on how the series will sell among Korean drama enthusiasts.

Fashioned for a KBS production, this 2005 premiered American television presentation is a consistent audience drawer. The tightness in the plot spins around solving a crime in a specific area (crime laboratory, police stations or a law enforcement agency).

Similarly, the conflict that needed to be solved in a crime on a tick off, keeps the audience's attention on hold. At the end, the whole angle of the problem is settled.

In the same manner, the episode does not concentrate on running after the perpetrators of the crime per se. A lead to the solution of the crime focuses on the psychological cut from each of the characters and circumstances involved.

True to the nature of procedural crime dramas, the series has each episode self-contained. Add the fact that the storyline can be a crime or mystery. That it determines the case and solves it at the end of each episode shows the production's worth per Greeksundry.

While the paperwork is still in the initial stage, the Korean adaptation already has its timetable. Adding thrill in the wait is a fall air time that comes at the right season when shooting starts in the Summer and Spring.

Thinking of a multi-series like the American storyline? No word if they would in the Korean version.

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