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YG Entertainment Names Blackpink Fandom With ‘Blink’ Plus Fans Celebrates Jennie’s Birthday

By jasmooOnce | January 16, 2017 09:49 AM EST


It is official! Blackpink fans are now called 'BLINK'. Fans are now celebrating as they have been officially named as 'BLINK'. Also, there is another thing to celebrate, Jennie's 21st birthday.

Allkpop has reported that a picture with a word "BLINK" in it has been uploaded on Blackpink's official instagram. Though it is not yet really official, their fans are speculating that it will be their fandom name. The BL came from Black and INK from Pink. There are some international fans who love the name while other, not so much.

It is evident in a Netizen Buzz article that Korean fans love the name. Many comments are praising YG Entertainment for choosing the name. "The name feels really modern... YG has a way of coming up with classy names like Inner Circle, Iconic, and VIP..." comment stated. Another comment said, "It's pretty, I like the name 'Blink'.. YG's pretty fast with this stuff."

Meanwhile fans of Red Velvet, an SM Entertainment girl group, are jealous of them. "Congratulations from a fan of another girl group... I wonder when we'll get a name...", and "Blink sounds modern and fits Black Pink well ㅜㅜㅜㅜ RV fan here, when are we going to get one..."

There are also people who mentioned that YG is good with coming up with fandom names. "As bad as YG is at their job, they're so disgustingly good at coming up with fandom names..." and "All of YG's fandom names are pretty. VIP, Blackjack, Inner Circle, Iconic, Blink, love 'em all."

On the other hand, 'BLINK' are celebrating Jennie's birthday today. They are posting birthday messages to Blackpink's official instagram. The fans also made hash tags on Twitter, "#QueenJennieDay" and "#HappyJennieDay", and made it trend.

Are you a Blackpink fan? Do you like 'BLINK"?

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