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Sulli Is Having Fun With Her Instagram Account

By jasmooOnce | January 16, 2017 09:56 AM EST


Sulli is once again the talk of most netizens when she set to private her Instagram account. However, only after a day, she set it to public again.

After getting into different controversies everyday because of her instagram account, Sulli has done it again. Allkpop has reported that Sulli had set her Instagram account on private the other day.

After some time she has set it to public again. Sulli has also given her fans two photos where she's just having fun, and a third picture with some food.

There are people who really worried about her mental state. Many of them think Sulli has a mental health problem because of what she is posting on her Instagram. Sulli always gets different reactions to her posts.

Many people find her posts sexual, sexual in different ways. In her way of posing, in her way of clothing, in the things she posts and even in food. There are also people who are asking help to Choiza, Sulli's boyfriend. They think Choiza should control Sulli and her social media account.

On the other hand, in the different reactions Sulli's getting, there are also the positive ones. There are still people who like her. Many people comment positive words on her instagram.

Netizen Buzz has reported before that Sulli has done this. She has set her Instagram account on private last May of 2016. However, like what happened last week, she has re-opened it.

People are also taking SM Entertainment into the picture. Many people believe that they should step up and tall Sulli to tone down her posts a bit. Meanwhile other people are saying that Sulli should just stay off Instagram and other social media sites for her own good.

What do you think? Does Sulli really need help? Or is she just messing with the netizens? 

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