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Suzy To Launch 6 New Songs In Solo Debut Collection

By Staff Writter | January 23, 2017 09:41 PM EST


After the achievement of her pre-release track "Imagine," Suzy is set to launch her up and coming mini collection, "Yes? No?" Early surveys of the soundtrack, yet are now raving about the collection, lauding it for Suzy's powerful vocals and also its lyrical value. 

On January 15, well known Korean vocalist performer Suzy aired her first promotion through NaverTV. When inquired as to why she needed to show up on a variety show interestingly following her appearance seven years before, she replied and said that she have been on many of variety shows and broadcast consistently and she thought it would be fun to do it in a more regular surrounding.." Soompi says

The up and coming "Yes? No?" collection is the primary solo collection for Suzy, the youngest cast from Korean girl band MissA. The soundtrack, which would be released on Jan. 24, will highlight six melodies, and will be top billed by the single "Yes No Maybe."

Suzy's agency, JYP Entertainment, affirmed that "Yes No Maybe" was inspired by a private talk amongst Suzy and Park Jin-Young as per the Jakarta Post. Jin-young, JYP Entertainment's artist producer, and CEO is additionally known for other effective K-pop hotshots like Rain, Wonder Girls, and 2 PM. That's the reason why it's not a big surprise his involvement in the writing process "Yes No Maybe" is a big deal for Suzy's up and coming collection.

One of the melodies or songs from "Yes? No?" was at that point released on Tuesday, Jan. 17. An R&B melody, "Pretending to be Happy" was composed by local musician Armadillo, a similar report expressed. The song handled stories of those who were in deep pain or suffering yet composed themselves to look cheerful externally.

Notwithstanding her voice, Suzy gave the lyrics to two of the songs, including track "Les Preferences."

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