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CLC Just Dropped MV Performance For 'Hobgoblin', Giving A Fierce Image

By Siti Fatimah | January 26, 2017 12:34 AM EST


CLC is back with mini album "CRYSTYLE". Making the comeback on Jan. 17, the girl group came up with edgy style, leaving the image of cute style in the past. Recently, CLC has just dropped new music video of their new song "Hobgoblin".

Under Cube Entertainment, CLC dropped the MV for the new song. At the MV, you can see the change of their image. Their performance is so fierce, completed by hardcore outfit, according to report from Soompi. The makeup also supports their fierce look.

CLC was originally having a cute image as their main concept. By the involvement of HyunA, they have received many great feedbacks so far, according to report from AllKpop. Their new MV shows real badass girls, giving a fresh image for the fans.

Many fans are excited to watch their performance. Many are commenting on their makeup as it fits them so well. As for Sorn, member from Thailand, the lipstick really suits her well. She can transform from a sweet girl to a tough girl.

CLC is a girl group, consisting of 7 members. One member is from Thailand. Another is from Hong Kong and the rests are from Korea. The original member was 5, but it was added with 2 members, making the group has 7 members as the final completion.

CLC which means Crystal Clear hopes to have a future career as bright as crystal. They want to show people how bright they are to give more fresh music. CLC is really talented not only for their dancing and singing, but also for their music composing.

Many of the members master music instruments and their skill in composing music is also good. Some members also do well in variety show. With their fierce comeback, the fans cannot wait to watch their real performance on stage. Will they win the sopt of number one with their new song?

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