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'Pretty Li Hui Zhen' Latest News & Update: 'She Was Pretty' Chinese Version You Need To Watch

By Siti Fatimah | January 26, 2017 12:33 AM EST


"She Was Pretty" got a big success, played by Park Seo Jun and Hwang Jung Eum.The sweet romance of lead characters give a big impact for the viewers. Plus, the supporting role, Siwon acted really well to give the drama two thumbs up. Recently, the Chinese remake was made and there are some reasons you need to watch it.

The remake of "She Was Pretty" will be titled "Pretty Li Hui Zhen". According to report from Soompi, the drama gets no.1 rating among its time slot. The story is about how a girl who is ugly has to work with her childhood friend. Through makeover, she turns into beautiful girl and there is a love line between her and her boss and also a co-worker.

There are some reasons you need to watch this drama. First is the workplace. You will be able to see the interaction of workers and the boss to create a great magazine. It is hectic but also satisfying at the same time.

The second reason is the friendship. Li Hui Zhen has a friend who is later will involve in her love line. But their friendship is number one and she prefers her friend over love. It is so heartwarming and really nice to see.

The third reason is the down-to-earth dialogue. As the worker, Li Hui Zhen is so polite to their co-workers and boss. Thus, the viewers can learn something from her work ethic.

According to report from CNewsDevotee, another reason is how the girl finds the best self of her. She does makeover to make her appearance look beautiful. Thus, she tries her best to give the best version of her. It takes effort but she can be confident with how she is. But still, the beauty comes from inner mind of the girl.

More reason, you really need to watch the drama as the leads are handsome and beautiful. Plus, their acting is no joke at all. So, do not wait for too long and watch this exciting drama.

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