‘Goblin’ OST Controversy: CJ E&M Sorry For Not Satisfying Viewers; Heize, Han Soo Ji Airs Side About ‘Round And Round’

By Soh Ngo Tan | January 26, 2017 08:55 PM EST


"Goblin" OST has topped the music charts as soon as it was released. However, it seems fans of Heize and Han Soo Ji are not happy with the controversy surrounding "Round and Round." Both singers have aired their sides, while CJ E&M also expressed their apology for not satisfying the viewers.

CJ E&M's Official Apology

The entertainment and media company that released "Goblin" OST has expressed their explanation and apology according to Soompi. CJ E&M said that the song was written by Nam Hye Seung, a music director, way before the broadcast began.

Though Han Soo Ji was chosen to record the first 50 seconds of "Round and Round" to make an impact during the opening of "Goblin," Nam Hye Seung had already another voice in mind for the rest of the song. CJ E&M apologizes to Heize and Han Soo Ji for the confusion the controversy has created. The company also felt sorry for not satisfying the viewers.

Heize's Formal Feedback

Heize has released her formal feedback about the "Goblin" OST controversy according to All KPop. The 25-year-old singer said that she never took "Round and Round."

Heize was requested to complete the full version of the official sound track. The original 50 seconds sang by Han Soo Ji was extended to three minutes and 30 seconds with Heize's voice. She also apologized to the fans for the confusion.

Han Soo Ji - Feature Artist In 'Goblin' OST

Fans of "Goblin" were excited to hear the voice of Han Soo Ji singing "Round and Round." However, after 50 seconds into the song, it was the voice of Heize who sang most of the song. And Han Soo Ji was listed only as a feature artist. Soompi reported that Han Soo Ji posted on Facebook that "as a singer" she "does not have a face." She also said that everyone is probably riding on the popularity of "Goblin."

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