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[Album Review] ‘Goblin’ OST Album

By jasmooOnce | January 31, 2017 08:49 AM EST


The highest rated tvN drama "Goblin" did not only dominate the television views but also the music charts in Korea. Almost its entire original soundtrack entered every Korean music charts, it is specifically seen in Melon. The whole album is really good and it deserves all the praise and attention it's getting. Dramafever even listed the top 13.

The first song by EXO's Chanyeol and Punch "Stay With Me" is the perfect opening song for the album. it gives off a mysterious vibe that was played whenever the "Goblin" is being showed in the drama. Punch's voice totally fits the song and Chanyeol's deep voice added some chills to the listeners.

"My Eyes" is one of the happy songs in the album. It is played during the light-hearted parts of the drama. "Hush" is the third released OST and it is a mellow, acoustic song, played during the sad but a bit romantic parts of the drama. It is in full English.

Crush's "Beautiful" is another chart topping song in the album. It is perfectly played during the sweet and romantic parts of the drama. It has really good instrumentals but Crush's voice totally made the song so much better.

Eddy Kim's "You Are So Beautiful" is another sweet song in the drama. Its acoustic instrumentals totally go with the light and cute moments in the drama. Another light song is Mamamoo's "Love". It is a cute song that is for the happy moments of the drama. Meanwhile, "Heaven" is another mellow acoustic-ish song that goes well in th3e sad romantic parts of the drama.

"Who Are You", "Stuck In Love" and "And I'm Here" are mysterious sounding songs in the drama. They go well when the "Goblin" related stuff is being revealed in the drama. Its chorus is so heartfelt that it adds so much emotion in the drama.

Sistar's Soyou "I Miss You" is the song played for the second lead pair of "Goblin". Soyou's whispery sad voice is very emotional and will make you cry while watching the drama. "First Snow" is another ballad in the album. Just like then first few songs, it is perfectly made for "Goblin".

Ailee's "I Will Go To You Like The First Snow" is probably the most famous and the longest chart topper song in the album. According to Soompi, it has achieved a triple crown on Gaon charts. Ailee's sad voice is heard during the super sad and most devastating part of the dramas. Ailee's voice totally gives justice to those scenes.

Urban Zakapa's second "Goblin OST "Wish" is another ballad that wretched the viewers of it. Their sad but very melodious voices totally get to the viewers' heart. "Winter Is Coming" is more of a traditional sounding song with its Korean instruments as the background. it was played mostly during the reminiscing moments and the flashbacks to the Goblin's first life.

Last but not the least is the song "Round and Round". It is the first song that was played in the drama. It played every time Goblin is saving his bride from dying or just any other trouble. The mysterious and kind of creepy tone of the song is perfect for those moments.

I am giving this album a 4.8 out of 5.

Listen to it yourself!

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of KpopStarz.

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