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[MV And Album Review] Dreamcatcher ‘Nightmare’

By jasmooOnce | January 31, 2017 12:48 AM EST


Dreamcatcher is one the the newly debuted girl groups this year. For their debut song. they have already set their style apart from others.

The intro of Dreamcatcher's album will definitely catch everybody's attention because it is not a usual sound that you will hear in girl group's albums. Also, "Welcome To Dream" is the perfect intro for their title track "Chase ME" as it has the same electric guitar sound and the rock feel to it.

"Chase Me" is definitely one of the most different debut tracks from a girl group. It is unlike any other debut in Kpop. It has more of a Jpop feel to it. More like an anime opening song. The rock pop and the electric guitar is so good that fans totally love the uniqueness it gives from Kpop.

Meanwhile, the next song, "Emotion", is a complete opposite of "Chase Me". It has a very mellow sound it is bordering to ballad but more on the RnB side. The beat is also catchy. The girls performed this on their showcase and it definitely showed off their vocals. The last song was "Chase Me" instrumental and it is still a must listen because the instruments are awesome especially if you are a Jpop/Jrock fan.

On the other hand, "Chase Me" music video is nothing like a cute anime. As Soompi stated, It is more like the title of their debut album, "Nightmare". The music video is very creepy and dark. It is definitely very different from the cute, innocent or bubbly the girl groups are going for nowadays.

The music video also showed some of the choreography of the song. The girls were in perfect sync showing their dancing skills. Happyface Entertainment is really going for a different concept with Dreamcatcher like what they announced before.

Like what Kpopmap reported, Dreamcatcher is a rebooted version of MINX, Happyface Entertainment's second chance for their second girl group after Dalshabet. It looks like it has worked because their musoc video has a million views now and fans really like them.

I am giving the album 3.8 out of 5 since it only has 2 full songs and the music video 4.2 out of 5.

Listen to the album yourself and comment below what you think!

Watch "Chase Me" mv below!

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