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[Album Review] Miss A's Suzy Solo Album 'Yes? No?'

By jasmooOnce | January 31, 2017 07:23 AM EST


Another female solo singer from JYP Entertainment has been born. Miss A's most famous member, Suzy, has released her solo album.

The album started off really good with her pre-release track "Pretend." "Pretend" or "Pretending To Be Happy" is such a chill song, as it reminded me so such of a song in "Dream High 1" titled "Maybe," which was originally sang by former Wonder Girls' Sunye but Suzy also sang it in the end.

Suzy's title track "Yes No Maybe" is a mellow dance track. It really gives me Miss A feeling, especially when the beat picks up at the chorus. The song has showcased Suzy's dreamy vocals. It has also showed off Suzy's ability to hit the high notes.

Meanwhile, "Sick And Tired" is giving an indie feel to the listeners. It is a slow RnB track which perfectly fits with Suzy's whispery vocals. It is also a bit sexy with its beat and melody. The featured artist/rapper, Reddy, is kind of not needed.

"Les Preferences" is another track that gives off an indie vibe. These types of chill songs really suits Suzy's voice. Suzy does not need high belting songs or a really upbeat dance track to show off her talent. She is good with this type of song.

Another chill song from Suzy's solo debut album is "Question Mark". This song is such a café song. It I perfect to listen to when you are driving or just looking outside when it is raining.

Last but not the least is the song, "Little Wildflower". It is a straight up ballad song form the album. It is a nice addition. This song is giving a different dynamic to the whole album. Suzy's voice sounds so fragile in this song, as she relays her feelings to the lyrics of the song.

JYP Entertainment's female solo singers, Baek Yerin, Park Jimin, baek A Yeon, Fei, and now Suzy, all have amazing albums. Most of JYP Entertainment's releases since the rebound from almost being bankrupt is really good.

I am giving Suzy's debut solo album 4.5 out of 5.

Listen to it!

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