EXO Xiumin Effective '4 Hours' Lose Weight Method: Here's his Diet and Exercise Rules

In South Korea, lean body and handsome face are one of the keys for many to conquer the entertainment scene. Hence, idols are very careful of keeping their weight in check. EXO Xiumin's latest interview with MBC Music's Star Show 360 reveals his super effective "4 hours" lose weight program. Follow here his rules on diet and exercise!

Xiumin is one of EXO's lead singers; his prowess in the field makes him the perfect person for completing EXO-M and EXO-CBX. With the recent news of the group's comeback, all eyes are already on them thus the popular idol unveils how he keeps his good looks in check.

According to Koreaboo, MBC Music's Star Show 360 interview made way for everyone to know how Xiumin loses weight fast and effective. For his diet rules, "Starving is the easiest way to lose weight but you should never resort to that since it ruins your body," he discussed.

Supposedly, the EXO member rules out crash dieting with the use of his "4-hour" program. What is it? It's placing in-between hours before eating again! Thus following 3-meals a day scheme.

In addition, his exercise rules meet well with his effective "4-hour" starvation rule. Xiumin makes sure to begin his day with jogging then a nice power-packed breakfast. He also takes note not to intake any food within the hours before he finally gets to lunch then dinner.

For additional information, Body Building gives extra facts about EXO Xiumin's "4-hour" starvation diet technique for the fans who wants to follow his lead. Accordingly, make sure to have a morning cardio workout! The idol surely does it with his light walks.

Lastly, get the proper amount of nutrients! Xiumin may not share what he eats but surely they are all highly nutrient-rich to support his diet plan. Supposedly, this plan can just take a month to fully see the big change! Try it now and see whether the idols secret is really effective.

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