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SHINee’s Key, Red Velvet’s Irene Fancied Korean Delicacies On SBS ‘Paik Jong Won’s Three Great Emperors’

By Inayah Mulia Dewi | February 15, 2017 03:22 AM EST


SHINee's Key and Red Velvet's Irene both starred in SBS "Paik Jong Won's Three Great Emperors". In the show, they were challenged to try and cook several dishes from their hometown, Daegu.

According to Korea Boo, Key and Irene had to taste are considered as delicacies and not everyone can bear to taste their slightly weird, unfamiliar flavor. On the show that was aired on January 11, Key and Irene must complete a challenge to try Daegu's delicacies such as codfish soup, pufferfish bulgogi, udon and bulgogi, jjamppong and deep-fried chicken glizzard.

At first, both Key and Irene looked so excited when the dishes started coming out. Irene claimed that she has tried them several times and she even admitted that she liked it although the dishes are not pretty common to a lot of Koreans. However, her facial expression changed as soon as she saw the codfish soup. For this particular dish, Irene would prefer eating the fish ovaries instead of the roe.

Besides tasting the Korean delicacy, Irene and Key also try to cook the codfish soup. The two members of SHINee and Red Velvet respectively seemed to be having fun fooling around while trying to figure out how to make the dish. Key even teased Iren by grabbing the fish by its tail and jokingly swung it to Irene, enough to make her flinching.

Irene, who was named as Red Velvet's prettiest member, had to compete against Lee Si Young to win a bean-sprout-cleaning battle. While Irene at her utmost effort to clean the bean sprouts faster than Lee Si Young, Key cheered her with his little dancing. Once the two competitors finished cleaning the bean sprouts, the judge had to deal with tough decision to determine who deserves to be declared as the winner. After having a lot of contemplations, the judge decided that Lee Si Young is the winner.

Once Irene completed her mission, it's Key's turn to prove him worthy to be declared as the best codfish soup cook. He was required to mix codfish soup's leftover with rice in order to make a codfish fried rice. In the end, Key nailed it and has his team to eat all of the fried rice he had cooked.

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