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Must Read: The Possible End Of The KPop Industry's Prime

By Staff Writer | February 22, 2017 09:17 AM EST


In the last year, seven KPop groups from South Korea disbanded. Two of them had split just as soon as 2017 kicked in. Because of this, several people doubt whether KPop's popularity will still continue, or is it just waiting for its impending doom.

Just recently, Wonder Girls had just released their very last single. This marks the end of the ten-year-old group. The girl group was the first KPop group to ever make it to the US Billboard Hot 100, thanks to their hit song in 2009, "Nobody". According to K Sat, 2017 is a transitional year for the KPop industry, as the trend begins to shift to a more subtle and calm theme.

Because of this, people are already questioning whether the strength of KPop will still be the same in the next years to follow. The very first time that KPop managed to make it to global fame was in 2009, during the Wonder Girls' tour.

2011 was then the next big year of the KPop culture, as Big Bang's "Alive" make it to the top charts. However, all of these stepped up to the next level as PSY released his single, "Gangnam Style". It managed to make it to the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 100. It had almost even break YouTube's servers. According to CNN, KPop's decrease in popularity is due to a number of reasons.

Most of KPop music contracts only last up to seven years. Knowing that most popular groups and KPop celebrities started out in 2010, they could all disband soon.

However, despite all of these, it still is safe to say that most KPop groups are still better in terms of lasting longer than other Western pop groups. Whichever the case is, KPop will still continue to entertain people from all corners of the globe.

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