'Hwarang Episode 20' In-depth Review, Season 2 Spoilers Unveiled!

"Hwarang" has just ended in a way that would push curiosity from its viewers. Now, people are very much excited to see the story's continuation in season 2.

Reports suggest that the next season will show how Moo-myung or Dog-Bird decides to marry Kim Ah-ro. According to Soompi, the last episode of the season starts with Sammaekjong and the son of Lord Kim Hwi-kyung confronting each other.

The scene shows the true character of Park Seo-joon as he says that he wants to change Silla with the other person. He also said that he wishes to prevent further deaths from happening in the bone-rank system.

He then adds his wishto unify the three kingdoms under his rule. Unfortunately, the message of Master Ji-dwi is nothing to Master Sun-woo.

He then walked out into the garden's of the palace. This shows that the two will take on different paths.

It is just proper for the two to part ways because they have different ideals and beliefs. The entire episode was more about the conversation, which makes it a little bit of boring for some people who want to see more action-packed scenes.

According to All K-pop, luckily, the episode and season ended with a happy note to it. This had some of its viewers saying that it was the best Korean drama, and that they will indeed watch it until the last season.

However, the finale episode of season one failed to answer the paths that its major characters took. Rest assured that all of these will be seen in the next season of Hwarang.

Next season would indeed be full of surprises and unexpected happenings, as the show's producers and director would surely level up their game. Season 2 would surely be packed with more intense dialogues and emotional conversations between the characters. We just have to wait and see until it gets released.

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