'Superstar K' Reveals The Truth Behind Rumors That The Show Will End

Mnet has just announced to the public the official status of the hit Korean TV show, "Superstar K". This was made to clear the show's name from all the rumors saying that it will end really soon due to a handful of reasons.

It was a necessary statement coming from Mnet as the reputation of the show hangs in the balance with all the rumors about it swirling around the media. Just last Feb. 15, Mnet reveals that the production team is merely discussing with each other the title and format of the program, as well as the other details that go with the airing of it in TV.

It further adds that there is no decision to end the show. According to Soompi, it says that there had been no talks that hint any possible end for the show, as the show is doing good in terms of ratings. There are also reports that suggest that "Superstar K" has plans to start their program from scratch, refreshing the setup of every aspect of the heavily successful TV show.

With these rumors, the speculations that the show might face its sudden end sprung up. However, all of these are proven untrue by Mnet. "Superstar K" first started in 2009, and since then had introduced multitudes of singers to the entertainment industry.

Some of these are Ulala Session, Huh Gak, Busker Busker, Seo In Guk, Park Jae Jung, Dick Punks, Kwak Jin Eon, Park Shi Hwan and Kim Feel. "Superstar K" is a talent show series in South Korea, and has its seasons yearly.

Since it started out in 2009, "Superstar K" had considerably grown in popularity. Now, it is considered as the biggest South Korean audition program.

It is also very important in KPop's spread of popularity throughout Asia. According to ABS-CBN News, Gangnam Style singer, PSY, is planning to return to Manila.

With this, one can say that the Korean industry has grown very well over the past few years, that almost all countries in the world is influenced by them.

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