Brave Entertainment Has Officially Announced Big Star's Baram Enlistment Date; Details Here!

Latest updates reveal that Big Star member, BaRam will be enlisting at the end of this month. BIGSTAR's label, Brave Entertainment, recently announced that BaRam will be enlisting to begin his four weeks basic military training on Feb. 27, 2017. According to Brave Entertainment, BaRam plans to perfectly fulfill his duties as a social worker for 23 months after the military training.

"Baram plans on enlisting this February 27, and after completing his 4 week training camp, he will serve as a public service worker for 23 months. He will be enlisting as quietly as possible, since he's kept his words to himself even among those close to him. Please cheer on Baram and show him your warm attention, so that he can return a more mature person," BaRam's label Brave Entertainment noted on Feb. 24, 2017.

Allkpop reported that Baram also stated to fan that he believes that it is time to carry out his mandatory national duties before it got too late. BaRam promised fans that he will return as a better person to them in 2 years.

BIGSTAR's label, Brave Entertainment also stated that since BaRam is not a person known to talk much with others, he will be enlisting as quietly as possible. They added that they simply seek for interest and support for BaRam, so that he may return as a better and a more matured person.

Kpopmap also reported that BaRam was popularly known for his B-Boy days. But he finally became known as a member of BIGSTAR, following his participation in the reality program titled "BIGSTAR Show." Currently, BaRam believes it is best for him to fulfill his national duty before it's too late. But fans can be sure that they will see a better BaRam in 2 years.

However, recent updates reveal that Feeldog, who is another BIGSTAR member, has moved on to place more focus on his acting career lately. Even amid all the rumors, there are still no official released updates with regards to BIGSTAR's potential comeback, which fans are expecting anytime soon.

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