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#DaraGon is Real: Here's Why Fans Won't Give Up Hope On Sandara Park, G-Dragon Dating

By Angie Chui | March 02, 2017 10:08 AM EST


Ever since 2NE1 was still starting out as a budding K-pop idol group more than seven years ago, fans have immediately noticed an uncanny connection between BIG BANG leader G-Dragon and 2NE1 member Sandara Park. Fans have speculated if there was anything other than friendship going on between the two idols and while they have maintained that they were merely close, rumors have refused to die down.

Most recently, the internet went wild when videos surfaced of G-Dragon protecting Sandara while they were exiting the backstage of a BIG BANG concert and headed towards the car. While the woman's face was mainly hidden from the camera with a large hoodie, it was later confirmed to be Sandara when YG Entertainment issued a statement clarifying the matter, Drama Fever reported.

According to YG, G-Dragon was merely pulling a prank and suggested that he and Sandara pose in such a way. In an interview with Sandara, she confirmed that she and GD were just joking around and that they were even being teased that he held her in a headlock. Still, their closeness has once again piqued the curiosity of #DaraGon shippers who hold out hope that the two idols would start dating already.

Now while the question of #DaraGon dating is still far from confirmed, here's why many fans are not giving up on their K-pop OTP (one true pairing). Hope springs eternal, after all.

They are good friends. They get along extremely well together and are super comfortable with each other. While Sandara has admitted that G-Dragon teases her mercilessly, could it be that he does it to get her attention like a little boy crushing on his noona?

What age difference? It's true that Sandara, at 32 years old, is four years older than the 28-year-old G-Dragon. But Sandara is naturally fun loving and young looking that she can match G-Dragon's occasional silliness any day. Plus, she looks like a forever 23-year-old.

Matchy matchy outfits. Candy magazine has unearthed a bunch of photos from over the years showing Sandara and G-Dragon wearing matchy matchy outfits. Now, whether they share clothes or just have similar tastes in clothing remains a mystery that fuel #DaraGon shippers' hopes.

G-Dragon is Sandara's ideal type? There was one interview many moons ago where Sandara was asked to choose between G-Dragon and T.O.P. as her ideal type and Sandara picked G-Dragon because he helped her carry her snowboard even without her asking. G-Dragon, at first looked embarrassed but happy to hear her answer and ever since, he has never failed to tease her about the topic at every opportunity.

They listen to each other. Being the good friends that they are, they are very honest with each other. They give each other pointers when it comes to music and performances and even their styles. Sandara admitted recently that her simple makeup look was influenced by the GD when he teased her about wearing too much makeup at a club, Soompi reported.

They are adorable. They obviously enjoy each other's company despite the constant teasing. G-Dragon can't help but laugh at Sandara's antics in BTS videos and while his image is mostly edgy and full of swag, his goofy side is ever present when she's around. 

They get mercilessly teased about each other. They should probably be used to it by now but maybe their friends at YG know something that the fans don't. While YG doesn't encourage dating in-house, artists that they hang out with occasionally post snaps of them together, and each one really calls for finger hearts all around. 

So technically, #DaraGon is real but for now, fans can only confirm a closeness and a deep friendship between the two. They can, however, keep their fingers crossed that the friendship could transition into something more in the future.After all, a solid friendship is the best foundation for any meaningful relationship. 

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