Jun.K Gave Update Of His Current Condition After Falling From Stage On His Twitter Account

2PM's Jun.K is having a hard time as he was just falling from stage. As he needed to be hospitalized, the concert of 2PM was canceled. Having many fans to worry, recently, he just gave an update of his current condition.

According to Soompi, Jun.K updated his twitter saying that he thanked 2PM's members, fans and everyone who were worried of him. Moreover, he added that he promised to recover quickly and returned with a good health.

It was so sad that he fell from stage when 2PM was holding their concert. Everyone was worried of his condition as he had fractures in his finger and elbow. During day 3 of 2PM's concert, "6Nights" at Seoul Olympic Park SK Olympic Hanball Gymnasium, Jun.K fell of 3 meter high and left a shock among audience and other members. He then rushed to a nearby hospital to be taken further examination and treatment.

Regarding this accident, JYP made announcement immediately to inform everyone about his current condition and that the company did their best for his recovery. According to AllKpop, the agency then stated again about his condition. On the official cite of the agency on Feb. 27, JYP Entertainment said that the surgery of Jun.K was good with no issue. They also promised to give update of his condition and once again said sorry to everyone.

Having the news from Jun.K himself recently, it seems that he is doing fine yet needs to rest for his recovery. His spirit seems to keep on high as showed no stress or depressed on his post. Jun.K is a talented singer in 2PM as he has composed many songs for the group and for him.

Jun.K has done his solo activities with most of the songs were composed by him. He was also successful holding a solo concert. He also plans for military enlistment soon after his activity with 2PM. Fans hope that he will recover as soon as possible.

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Jun.K informed his condition
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