Kim Bum Attended His Longtime Fan's Wedding To Surprise Her And Showed His Loyalty

The relationship between fans and their idols have been proven to be closer. As the fans remain loyal, idols are so grateful for them. Thus, the idols can keep being in entertainment industry. It happens to Kim Bum who recently showed his loyalty by coming to his longtime fan's wedding.

According to Soompi, Kim Bum attended a wedding last month. The special thing about it was that the wedding was his fan's wedding. It was reported that Kim Bum heard about his longtime fan's wedding. He then congratulated her personally by attending the wedding. He took a picture with the bride and groom. The wedding became more special because of his appearance.

Kim Bum is doing well with his acting. His acting in "Boys Over Flower" was really good and got much attention. There were numerous dramas he was starring after that. His last drama was "Mrs. Cop 2," which was aired last year.

He may take the break too long during his appearances in dramas, but he might have done it to choose the best role for him in drama. He previously also took 2-year break before taking a role in 2015 for drama "Hide Your Identity" on tvN, according to KdramaStarz. He was playing a character of a detective in this drama.

Kim Bum was proven to choose his role carefully. He was doing his best to have the role that would improve his acting. For the drama "Hide Your Identity," it got high rating and set a new record on tvN at that time. It was a big achievement for Kim Bum and the drama as well.

Having the success for his roles in dramas, he is looking over a new project in 2017. Fans cannot wait to see him on television as they haven't seen him for about a year.

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