'Rollin' MV By Brave Girls Gets Cleaner Version, Now Rated 15+ [WATCH]

CJ E&M just released a cleaner version of Brave Girls' "Rollin" MV as it was previously rated as 19+. The cleaner version now has 15+ rating.

On March 9, CJ E&M released a cleaner version of Brave Girl's MV for "Rollin" as it previously received a 19+ rating. The current clean version of the MV has now been rated as 15+.

According to All Kpop, the clean version for Brave Girl's "Rollin" MV is mostly the same with the previous version of the MV. However, the clean version has taken away the sexually suggestive close-up shots.

Meanwhile, Brave Girls' "Rollin" is still not permitted for nationwide broadcast in Korea as it was deemed so by KBS.

As previously reported, Brave Girls' "Rollin" track was deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS. This is because broadcasting station has found out that the lyrics to the song contained vulgar words.

KBS has found out that "Rollin" had a Korean vernacular word for "embarrassment". That is why the broadcasting station decided that Brave Girls' "Rollin" is unfit for nationwide broadcast.

Brave Girls still have hope though. They just have to make sure to change the song's lyrics - but until then, "Rollin" cannot be performed nor broadcasted under KBS.

A source from Brave Girls' Agency, Brave Entertainment, has stated that the agency will revise a part of the song's lyrics to meet KBS' standards.

Brave Girls have officially made their comeback on Tuesday, March 7. "Rollin" is the girl group's 4th mini album.

The album "Rollin" is composed of six tracks: "Memory", "No Rush", "High Heels" and "Outro (Rollin)". The track "Rollin" is the albums carrier single.

Unfortunately, Brave Girls is now composed of five members. Member Hyeran is currently on hiatus as she is recovering from a serious health issue. Member Yoojin, on the other hand, has quit the group as she is preparing to study abroad.

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