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Seulgi of Red Velvet Shows Off Artistic Skills: Draws Realistic Image of Taeyeon, Audrey Hepburn, and Many More

By Eddwyn A. | March 13, 2017 01:01 PM EDT


It seems like Seulgi of Red Velvet doesn't just have a beautiful face, but a beautiful hand as well. The singer shows off her hidden artistic skills as she realistically draws Taeyeon of Girls' Generation and many others.

As it turns out, Seulgi isn't just an extremely capable dancer and a powerful singer as she is quite an artist too. According to Koreaboo, the K-pop idol has relatively artistic hands.

Recently, Seulgi uploaded a photo on Red Velvet's official Instagram account. The photo contained the drawn image of pop culture icon Audrey Hepburn using a technique called "Pointillism".

"Pointillism" is painting technique that utilizes small dots formed in a pattern to form an image. This painting technique involves a lot of patience even for accomplished painters.

Seulgi also drew Hollywood actress Natalie Portman, which was also uploaded on Red Velvet's official Instagram account. The image portrayed Portman's role of "Mathilda Lando" in the film "Leon: The Professional".

Seulgi even sketched the ultra-slow sloth character from Disney's animated film "Zootopia". She also drew the movie's main characters, the rabbit Lt. Judy Hopps and the sly fox Nick Wilde.

In a recent guesting in Taeyeon's show "Daily Taeng9cam", Seulgi revealed she was a huge fan of Girls' Generation's Taeyeon herself. Seulgi revealed her pencil sketch of Taeyeon in her sketchbook, in which Taeyeon was surprised as it looked like a photocopy of her face.

In the same show, Seulgi also revealed her realistic drawing of a kitten. To which Taeyeon said "You're amazing, it's so detailed!"

In other news, more proof of Seulgi and BTS' Jimin dating has just been uncovered by netizens, reports All Kpop. Rumors of Seulgi and Jimin dating started off during an awarding ceremony last month.

These evidences include: Similar "winking" post by Seulgi and Jimin; Similar poses in pictures taken the same day; Similar photo post, pose, and filter; Similar clothing worn on the same day; And lastly, similar "couple" bracelets.

However, Seulgi and Jimin are yet to comment on these reported "evidences". There is still no confirmation if they truly are dating at the moment.

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