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Lisa's Pre-Debut Pictures Surface In Online Communities: Lisa Sported Brunette Hair Before BLACKPINK's Debut

By Eddwyn A. | March 14, 2017 05:53 PM EDT


Just recently, pre-debut pictures of BLACKPINK's Lisa have surfaced on online communities. Apparently, before the group debuted in 2016, Lisa sported a brunette crown.

BLACKPINK's Lisa didn't always have her beautiful blonde hair. According to Koreaboo, pictures that surfaced in an online community on March 11 proved Lisa was once a brunette.

In one picture, Lisa posed beautifully for a promotional shoot wearing cropped tops and tattered jeans. Lisa sported her gorgeous straight, light-brown hair.

In another picture, Lisa posed with two friends wearing another cropped top showing her slim figure. Once again, she has her adorable shorter hair now with bangs, and a darker brown hair.

In the last photo, Lisa looked stunning and had a long, wavy hair. The image was her official debut photo posing in the back of a car wearing cropped top and shorts.

In other news, BLACKPINK's Rose revealed that band mate Lisa is a huge make-up addict. This was revealed during BLACKPINK's guesting in the "Get it Beauty" episode on Feb. 26, as previously reported.

During the episode, Rose, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa brought with them their make-up essentials and revealed what make-up style they preferred. Among the group, Lisa had the most number of make-up.

With her huge make-up collection, Lisa considered herself as the "Mansour" of makeup - a term common in South Korea that referred to UAE's Prime Minister Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Calling an individual "Mansour" in Korea means that they are a "rich" person.

Member Rose also exposed that Lisa would spend the whole day shopping for make-ups. Rose also added that even when Lisa gets home, she would still shop online for make-up products.

According also to Rose, she and Lisa have a huge difference when it comes to make-up style. While she prefers a simpler look, Lisa would always go for a more dazzling look. 

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