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'Oh Boy!' Shared Some Photos of Mature Jeon Somi For Pictorial Of This Fashion Magazine

By Siti Fatimah | March 15, 2017 12:28 PM EDT


Somi, ex member of IOI is sure full of talents and charm. She has done really great shooting some commercials. Being the regular member in "Sister's Slam Dunk," she is really professional and shows her true self. Recently, she was chosen for pictorial for "Oh Boy!" fashion magazine.

Reported by AllKpop, "Oh Boy!" shared some photos of Jeon Somi for pictorial if this fashion magazine. In the photos, Somi looked mature and chic. She was chosen as the cover for issue #75 of the magazine and the pictures were posted by "Oh Boy!" official instagram account.

In one of the photos, Jeon Somi was wearing a T-Shirt with the word Queen paired with blue jeans. She was gazing the camera strongly and his long hair completed her mature look. He could pull off great pictures with her pose.

Recently, Jeon Somi made a great collaboration with Eric Nam "You, Who?" Having the song about love, it is really perfect for spring. The respond was really good as both voices of Eric Nam and Somi could blend together in harmony.

After the disbandment of IOI, Somi then signed a contract with JYP Entertainment and made her debut. She hosted some programs and became one of the casts on "Sister's Slam Dunk" together with Minzy, Hong Jin Young, and others. She made a great impact as the cheerful member in a group.

Jeon Somi also made her instagram account to share her activities with her fans, according to Soompi. Her instagram the suddenly had many followers from her fans after its opening. As everything seemed run well, it turned out that she also had some troubles sometime. She shared her insecurities while singing to the vocal trainer of "Sister's Slam Dunk" because she had high voice. Luckily, the trainer could give good advice and she ended up in tears hearing the encouragement.

Jeon Somi is still so young having her career in entertainment. Yet, she shows big potential as she is really talented. Being the cover of fashion magazine "Oh Boy!" is another step in her career and fans will always root for her.

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