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BIG BANG News: These Throwback Videos Prove that T.O.P is BIG BANG's Ace Dancer

By Angie Chui | March 18, 2017 12:37 AM EDT


With BIG BANG on a temporary break due to T.O.P.'s mandatory military enlistment, fans of the idol group are channeling their longing to throwback videos of his funniest moments. And while T.O.P. is known as one of the coolest BIG BANG members, he is also certainly one of the funniest.

The folks over at Koreaboo compiled videos of T.O.P's most hilarious moments and it comes as no surprise that most of them involve busting out a move. Fans who have loved the idol from the beginning know that a big part of his charm is his humor in accepting his limitations when it comes to dancing but the videos actually show T.O.P. in winning form.

In the first clip, T.O.P is shown locked down in a dance showdown with Infinity Challenge MC Kwanghee with the other MCs and members of BIG BANG holding back their laughter as listened to the trash talk. When the opening sounds to Bae Bae broke out, Kwanghee did his best to imitate G-Dragon's dance moves and moved closer to T.O.P. to show his swagger.

T.O.P. did not seem intimidated and proceeded to the attack when his turn came. Instead of using the song's choreography however, he did a funny version of PSY's Gangnam Style steps and tries to go after Kwanghee even beyond the dance floor. The sight was so funny that it almost brought G-Dragon to tears.

In one of their concerts, G-Dragon is seen shoving his T.O.P to the center of the stage so he could break out his moves. He does so sheepishly but hurries to the side, embarrassed. Of course, this scene only endeared him to the fans more.

Another proof that T.O.P has hidden dancing skills Iis when the BIG BANG boys were performing in Macau for a concert. The boys gave the floor to their hyung and T.O.P. proceeded to own the stage with a modified version of Michael Jackson's moonwalk.

The best part of T.O.P's dancing is that he does it with a lot of humor. He knows how to poke fun at himself but when the chance comes to simply groove to the music, he just shows up and dances.

BIG BANG is set to release their 2017 Welcoming Collection DVD set on March 29 which will feature interviews with the boys as they set about their last remaining days as a complete BIG BANG set before T.O.P. leaves for mandatory service. T.O.P is currently deployed for the second phase of his training at the Byukjae Training Center. His sister has asked fans to refrain from sending him food deliveries lest he be penalized for breaking the rules, Kpopstarz reported.

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