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Suzy Bae Talks Her Long-life Journey In Search Of Happiness

By Ina | March 22, 2017 05:07 AM EDT


Amid the breakup rumor with boyfriend Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae recently opened up about her life as an artist and her journey to find the true happiness. The miss A idol shared some heartwarming and surprising confessions that indicate her bittersweet life as an idol.

The career in the entertainment industry has been a defining factor that shaped Suzy Bae since she was just a kid. During a recent interview, Suzy Bae revealed that her life as an actress is not always as exciting as many people suspected. Sometimes, the 22-year-old idol feels like she can't seem to enjoy her life as it should be because she has been too preoccupied with her professional life as an actress and a singer.

Suzy also admitted that she once regretted not being able to ease up with herself even just for a little bit. "I realized it's more important to find small moments of happiness in life," said the actress. Even though she knows it by heart that acting has been her passion since forever, Suzy can't deny that being an actress has never gotten any easier and that, she admitted, is one of the consequences she has to accept.

Talking about Suzy Bae's outstanding portfolio in playing roles, the actress recently has been gearing up for her upcoming drama with Lee Jong Suk "While You Were Asleep". The costars recently were spotted spending their break time together. According to Soompi, there are numerous photos of the pair surfacing online showing their moments of closeness.

"While You Were Asleep" follows the story of a girl with psychic abilities to predict future incidents through her dreams and a prosecutor that will prevent those dreams from becoming reality. Besides Suzy Bae and Lee Jong Suk, "While You Were Asleep" casts include Jung Hae In, Lee Sang Yeob, Park Jin Joo and Shin Jae Ha. 

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